What is the Most Appropriate Circumcision Age?

It is one of the most frequently asked questions to us. Families remain undecided on this issue and receive different answers to their questions. This also causes confusion.

Circumcision can be performed at any age and in any season.

However, what I define as the circumcision triangle; Parents, children and doctors must be in full harmony. Circumcision is not performed when there is disharmony in any of these three feet. It is very important for the family to have full confidence in the doctor. Because circumcision does not end the relationship between the family and the doctor, on the contrary, it begins anew.

When we look at the event in terms of scientific data and our practical application, we can say the following:

The ideal age for circumcision is before 2 years of age. The more suitable is the infancy period before 1 year old. Permanent memory develops in children after 2 years of age. For this reason, circumcisions performed before the age of 2 do not remain as a bad memory for the child, because he does not remember.

The most important issue to be considered in circumcision is the psychology of the child. The most important premise of the views that oppose circumcision in certain age groups is the negative psychological effects of circumcision. The origin of the views on this subject is the famous psychiatrist Dr. Based on Sigmund FREUD. The theory put forward by Freud about 100 years ago is still debated.

Between the ages of 3-5, the child begins to form a sexual identity and is completed at the age of 6 years. The child may perceive circumcisions performed during this period as an attack on sexual identity. Freud argued that the child would experience uneasiness and that this psychological influence would lead to negativities in the following years. However, this theory of Freud has not been proven.

The psychological effects of circumcision have been investigated and it has been found that it does not cause permanent psychological disorders.

Scientists examining before and after the age of 6 say that circumcisions performed in both periods affect child psychology in a similar way.

Most child psychiatrists do not recommend circumcision between the ages of 3-6. However, when the child completes the age of 6, nothing will change in this respect.

During this sensitive period, it is necessary to establish good communication with the child. The family and the doctor should be persuaded by collaborating and giving correct and logical information to the child. It is very important for the doctor to have a good dialogue with the child and to gain the child’s trust.

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