What is the Ketogenic Diet?

The ketogenic diet is a type of low-carbohydrate diet that is performed with sufficient protein and moderate or high-level healthy fat intake by stopping carbohydrate consumption. In this diet, there is no sugar and starch intake into the body, instead it is aimed to produce ketones, not glucose, with healthy fats. Daily calorie needs are met from these healthy fats. It should be taken into account that protein can be converted into carbohydrates in this diet. For this reason, the rate of protein to enter the body should be well calculated based on the balance of the body. The number of people who gain weight while dieting with the goal of losing weight is quite high.

What is the ketogenic diet and how is it done?

Foods containing carbohydrates are converted into glucose by digestion after consumption. This glucose is transported to the cells through the blood. It provides the energy that cells use while performing muscle and brain functions from glucose in this cell. If the proteins taken for the repair of the body are too much, they are converted into glucose in proteins by digestion. Consumption of carbohydrates and proteins more than the body’s needs causes insulin release in the blood, and the action of storing the glucose in the cells is performed by converting the glucose converted by digestion into fat. In the case of insufficient intake of carbohydrates and proteins, which can be described as the opposite of this situation, if the fats consumed as food are insufficient, the fat stored in the body will be reduced. fatty acids and molecules containing ketone groups. resulting in conversion. These molecules, called ketone bodies, are used in energy production by being delivered to muscle and brain cells with blood as an alternative to glucose. Presence of ketone bodies in the blood ketosis called status. It manifests itself with an acetone-like odor in breath and urine.

How is the ketogenic diet done?

As with any diet, the ketogenic diet is formulated in a way that will vary from person to person. For this reason, a simple and standard general recipe or application will most likely produce results that are not intended. It is a priority to adapt this diet according to the individual to be applied and to look at its compatibility. An unconscious ketogenic diet can lead to serious discomfort or weakness, except for the wrong result. While choosing this diet, the rate of mobility in the life of the individual is of great importance. Because fat is consumed instead of carbohydrates and it is aimed to burn the body’s existing fats. It can be a complicated diet depending on the body structure of the people rather than a simple diet, and it would be wrong to create a diet list that can be applied to everyone as a list to be consumed from a to z. Depending on the targeted body state and daily exercise/movement effects, the protein, fat and carbohydrate consumption rates to be applied at a low rate or on certain days vary.

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