What is the golden ratio in rhinoplasty and what is its importance?

The golden ratio has an incredible role to play in the history of humanity, science and art.

-It is an irrational number and it is written in the decimal system; 1.618

It was found by the ancient Egyptians and Greeks and was used in architecture and art.
– Leonardo da Vinci, one of the Renaissance artists, used this ratio frequently to achieve balance, proportion, aesthetics and beauty in his paintings and sculptures. The Mona Lisa portrait, one of his most famous works, is also designed according to the golden ratio. Mimar Sinan also used this ratio in his works.

– Symmetry, proportion and balance are important in aesthetic surgery. Golden ratio design and analysis is a higher concept.

– Even the ratio of the limbs of living things in nature is compatible with this ratio.

It is argued that objects and living things in harmony with the golden ratio and in appropriate sizes are more aesthetically visual and look beautiful.

– Today’s researchers state that human faces that are compatible with this ratio are more attractive than non-existent faces. Symmetry is also very important in aesthetic visuality, the reason is the absence of a congenital or acquired defect.

-Nose length should be equal to 1/3 of the middle part of the face height,
-The ratio between the width of the nose and the width of the mouth, the ratio between the length of the nose and its projection, the ratio of the sides of the rectangle on which the face sits should be in the golden ratio values. In this case, the harmony, balance and aesthetic visual appearance of the nose with respect to the face and head are ensured at the highest level.

Dr. Current Ozturk
Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist

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