What is the Conscious Parents School?

Conscious Parents The difference of the school:

It is a set of pedagogical seminars that take a holistic approach to phenomena such as child development, family communication, marriage communication and personal development, with the motif of group therapy in interactive dialogues, seeking a third way out of the reward-punishment theory, strengthening the awareness of parents and acting on our common teachings.

It both raises conscious parents and supports conscious parents everywhere. A social project that will continue for many years with a national family education mobilization and that produces educators within itself.

What is taught in the conscious parents school? We have collected them under 11 topics.

  1. The birth of a child is like exploring the planet Mars.

  2. Who is the conscious mother? (Tips on raising children by organizing our personal problems

  3. Working mother’s burnout syndrome

  4. Which is more protective? Eagle? Turkish mother?

  5. Tales and traumas – Little Red Riding Hood

  6. Protecting the child from neglect and abuse – attitude towards the child – important steps for a solution,

  7. Door to children: Playing games

  8. Does the mother depend on the child or the child on the mother?

  9. Bedwetting, Nail biting, Stuttering, Reasons behind aggression

  10. Loneliness under our addictions (School problems, Internet, TV, Tablet etc.)

  11. Taking a step beyond a parent classic

Why name-conscious parents?

Being a Conscious Parent is to give our love unfiltered and unconditionally, beyond reading and researching child development books a lot. That is, we should give our love only because we have a child, without tying it to an achievement or talent. Then look how all the doors open before us one by one. To raise awareness for parents; is to analyze their own dreams, disappointments, dreams, hopes, fears, development and expectations of their child. In order to do this, he must embrace his love and pedagogical knowledge.

How long does the training take?

The training continues in two phases.

  1. Basic Conscious Parents School Education:(He receives training on 10 topics in the development of children aged 0-15. Each training lasts 2 hours interactively. Individuals can attend this training in groups or individually.)

  2. Advanced Educator Parent School Education:(Parents can become an Instructor in the Conscious Parents School project by receiving a total of 70 hours of training and supervision. It continues as a group work.

What is the common problem of the applicant families?

We are all trying to raise our children, who are our most sacred assets, right. We all have common problems (national, environmental, economic, cultural, immigration, disaster, terrorism…) We strive to give our children a better future. In these problems, we sometimes forget ourselves and sometimes our child. Aliens who want to overcome all these problems with damage as soon as possible apply to us. We learn and teach together.

What are ways to deal with a teenager?

Why should we deal with a teenager? What we call an adolescent is not a stress ball or something to deal with. Adolescence is a very special age, and the more a child spends this age in solidarity with his family, the faster, consistently and successfully transitions into adulthood. Rather than coping with adolescence, we start out by recognizing the adolescence that we have forgotten. We see it as a different, original and naked expression of what we were taught in childhood and what we observed. Living with a teenager is very enjoyable, as long as we know how to listen and perceive.

Do you also work with children?

Conscious Parents school only works with parents. When we parents, that is, the source is more clear, original and peaceful, our children who are fed from that source can be so happy. The purpose of this training; to develop a different perspective on our parents. The children’s department is a situation that requires professional counseling and therapy.

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