What is the Cause of Sudden Onset Toothache?

The most common cause of sudden and severe toothache is the progression of tooth decay and microorganisms reaching the pulp.

The pulp is the living part of the tooth. When the decay reaches this area, the treatment to be done is root canal treatment.

How can the pain that starts at night be relieved?

Today, there are dental clinics serving 24 hours in many cities. Especially in the dental clinic units of many private hospitals, on-duty dentists can help patients. In extremely painful cases caused by caries, the dentist on duty will provide a definitive solution to your pain with an intervention that will take 20 minutes at most.

While the sudden onset of toothache can sometimes be relieved by taking painkillers, in some cases, even the most effective drugs you will take cannot relieve your pain. As a physician, my advice to you is to go to a dental clinic that can serve at night, rather than taking many painkillers and spending a sleepless night.

If we do not have the opportunity to reach the dentist at night, what can we do to relieve toothache at home?

  • First of all, food deposits on the aching tooth and between the teeth should be cleaned using a toothbrush and dental floss. Then gargling in the mouth with cold water can relieve your pain.

  • Painkillers can be taken before going to the dentist. Depending on the severity of the pain and the type of medication, the number of medication to be taken can be increased. However, some painkillers should be treated with caution as they may cause very severe stomach discomfort. At least the prospectus should be read.

What to relieve pain definitely should not be done?

  • Substances such as aspirin, cloves, tobacco, cologne and raki should not be applied on the tooth. Because such substances cause irritation to the gums. This will cause a second pain in addition to the toothache, and it will never help the toothache to go away.

  • Another mistake made to relieve a sudden onset toothache is to use antibiotics. Antibiotics can never relieve a sudden onset toothache. To reduce the sudden onset of toothache, what needs to be done is to take painkillers and go to the dentist as soon as possible.

  • When you go to the dentist for treatment, if the doctor deems it necessary, he will give you the appropriate antibiotic.

Do not forget that delaying going to the dentist as a result of the sudden onset of pain relief will cause you to lose your tooth.

I wish you healthy days.

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