What is the Cabbage Soup Diet?

Good luck to all of us, we have a new diet trend that makes you lose weight fast: cabbage soup diet

It is a list that is applied every day by adding a bowl of cabbage soup and a day of vegetables, a day of fruit, a day of meat, a day, etc., and it is claimed to lose up to 8 kilos in a week. Let’s not prejudge. Let’s take a look first and see what it is.

This diet is said to be the Mayo Clinic diet. First, the famous Mayo Clinic health center in Rochester, USA, stated that they do not approve of any diet.
Secondly, the cabbage soup diet is not even among the other diets in which this hospital’s name is mentioned. It is called a diet recommended by doctors so that patients who are going to have so-called heart surgery will lose weight quickly. No one knows better than the doctors what kind of damage the fast-moving weight causes to the body. Sentences such as the doctors presented to you as a reference or the recommendation of an important health institution are unfortunately lies. No doctor can beat the body of the patient he is going to operate on, so that his surgery does not fail. Lose weight by eating healthy and doing sports at a speed that will not harm your health, which doctors always say.

Let’s come to the content of the diet. When you write on the Internet, you already find how to do it on many pages. I will not explain it to you. Let’s examine the calories and nutrients in it.

First of all, our main food is cabbage soup. What’s in it: cabbage, onion, tomato, pepper, parsley, spices, tomato paste (if you want) none of the ones we counted contain calories. The only feature that distinguishes vegetables from fruits is that vegetables do not contain fruit sugar like fruits. Vegetables consist of a large amount of fiber, vegetable carbohydrates, water, vitamins and minerals. Therefore, they have a very low caloric value due to the very few vegetable carbohydrates they contain, and since we spend that calorie for chopping the vegetables, they are zero. We accept calories.

Now, in order for this diet not to spoil your health, it should contain at least 1200 calories for women and at least 1500 calories for men. Let’s make an assessment based on these values.

There are different foods that you add to it that change every day. You only eat fruit for a day. We accept about 50 calories in one serving of fruit, in this case, women should eat 24 portions and men should eat 30 portions of fruit that day so that the diet is not unhealthy in terms of calories only. I’m not even addressing the nutritional content. It is no different from the one-food diets that we now call harmful. Do you think these fruit portions that I wrote can be consumed? I can hear you say no. J. What happens if that much fruit is not eaten that day? Of course, it would be a low-calorie diet that we call harmful.

Let’s look at other days. On the second day, you have the right to eat only vegetables with the soup. That evening, you also have a reward: a boiled or baked potato with butter in the evening J. That is, you follow an unhealthy low-calorie diet, since the foods you eat today are also calorie-free.

The third day is soup, fruit and vegetable day. If you follow the diet exactly, you should see a loss of 2.5-3 kg on the scale at the end of 3 days. I want to give one more information here. It is a small but very important piece of information for us: In order to break down 1 g of adipose tissue, you need to take 7 calories minus.

You need to spend 3 kilos = 3000 g, that is, 3000 g x 7 calories = 21000 calories in 3 days. That’s 7,000 calories per day. Considering that a normal person spends 1800-2200 calories for a woman and 2000-3000 for a man, doesn’t it seem impossible for you to spend 7000 calories a day? of course impossible. Also, considering that the person gets sluggish and moves less than normal due to such low calorie intake, there is no real possibility. So what is this loss? Two-thirds of this loss comes from the body of water in your body. Only 34% of the weight lost with low-calorie diets is from adipose tissue. The rest is water and muscle wasting. Is it healthy? of course no. body of water ; It is within and between cells and ensures healthy intercellular transmission. In particular, there is water in the cells of the muscle tissue, but there is no water in the fat cells. It is fat tissue, not muscle tissue, that makes us fat. In other words, it is fat cells that should weaken and shrink, not muscle cells.

What happens if the muscle cells weaken? Muscle cells are not only found in skeletal muscles that allow us to move. At the same time, our internal organs are also made up of muscle cells. Therefore, a weight loss aimed at reducing the body of water, which we call unhealthy weight loss, can disrupt the functioning of your organs, slow down your metabolic rate and cause you to gain more weight than you lost after the diet. This is how the working mechanism of the diets, which are called to lose excess weight in a short time, is in this way.

If you look at the other days of this diet, many different rules have been set, which is just a trick to prove to you how difficult the program is and how important it is to implement. In the beginning, a lot of rules were already counted, this is just something done to give seriousness. Don’t fall into this trap. When you look at the diet program from beginning to end, it is just amateur nonsense, as if it was made by a middle school kid.

Let’s go to other days. One day, 300 – 600 g of meat, as well as red meat and unlimited tomatoes, were added to the soup. 300 – 600 g meat means 10 – 20 meatballs in our terms. It contains between 700 and 1400 calories in terms of calories. Aside from that, can you see the unhealthyness of this program more clearly now? Soup is only served once today. He said to drink 6-8 glasses of water all day to clean the body from uric acid. How much he thought about your health, J. Fill your stomach, which you have been accustomed to eating only soup and vegetables and fruits for 3 days, with a hard-to-digest food such as meat, let’s see how long you can endure the pain. The human body needs 2 liters (10 glasses) of water daily to function in a healthy way. I wonder if 8 glasses of water is not enough to clean this uric acid? (the bullshit doesn’t end)

If you search a little more, you will see: user reviews. I highly recommend that you read them. There are people who started a fad and even started a blog for it. After all, everyone who tries it sees that it is extremely boring and even nauseating to drink the same soup bowl by bowl every day. Are you looking for those who can barely apply this and lose enough weight, do you look for those who do it half-heartedly and say that they have achieved a little result, or those who are sick because of low calorie intake?

There is almost no protein intake in 5 out of 7 days of this diet. Low protein diets increase muscle tissue loss. The entire diet lacks the intake of carbohydrates and fats from grains. Bile contains enzymes needed for fat and carbohydrate digestion. When such fat-free and low-carbohydrate diets are used, gallstones may occur due to the accumulation of bile in the gallbladder, since there is no need for bile in the gallbladder. Studies show that gallstones are more common in individuals who follow a low-calorie diet for a long time.

Another issue is that the diet contains a very high amount of fiber. Having so much fiber causes gas and bloating, pain and cramps in the intestines. This alone is enough to abandon the diet.

My advice to you: nothing comes easy, stop dreaming of achieving results without effort. I know that there are so many people, companies, products, tools, methods, medicines, herbs-roots, etc. around to deceive you. While you’re running away from someone, you get caught by someone. That’s what these scammers are for. The people who are bleeding from you get caught in their networks and make them money.

Cabbage soup diet today, maybe a roasted eggplant diet tomorrow, nothing has changed.

Losing weight in a healthy way is by losing fat tissue. The possible figures for adipose tissue losses are nutrition programs that can lose 1 kg per week. More is caused by muscle and water loss. In order to lose adipose tissue, you need to follow a healthy nutrition program in a disciplined way, drink at least 2 liters of water a day and do sports that are suitable for your physical condition. All other methods, drugs, etc. will harm your health. Do not be fooled, do not play with your health.

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