What is the Age of Early Menopause?

What is the Age of Early Menopause?

Saying that early menopause should be feared, not menopause, Op. Dr. Gökmen İyigün says that early menopause catches women who are trying to mature their lives and make a career in the modern age unprepared.

Op.Dr Gökmen Iyigun answered questions about early menopause.

. Why should we not be afraid of menopause, but pay attention to early menopause?

Menopause is a process that 99 percent of all women at the age of 50 (44-56) encounter, can prepare themselves emotionally, socially and physically for these natural processes, and we, as physicians, are quite prepared for the medical, social and psychological support required for menopause and post-menopause.

However, early menopause often catches people off guard. Women and even young women come across them as they mature in their own lives, complete their education and try to overcome some of their daily worries. It can often take away the chance to have a sudden and most dreamed child.

Thus, in modern urban and metropolitan life, young women avoid marriage before completing their careers, and seek a spouse with social, economic and cultural development in parallel with their own development, especially in societies with vertical social mobility such as our country, while making longer education periods, finding a job, and making career plans. delay the age of marriage and childbearing.

Precisely in this pursuit of perfection, early menopause, which can be seen in 1 percent of women, mostly affects this group of women. Therefore, it is vital to suspect, diagnose and provide early counseling to this group of patients.

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