What is tennis elbow? Who is it seen in?

Tennis Elbow is a disease that occurs with pain and decreased grip strength in the outer part of the elbow and forearm. It got this name because it was detected for the first time in tennis players.

Who Gets Tennis Elbow?

It is seen in those who make strong grasping and turning movements of the hand frequently.

What Causes Tennis Elbow?

The muscles that make the hand and wrist lift and rotate movements attach to the bony prominence (lateral epicondyle) on the outside of the elbow. As a result of the frequent and difficult use of these muscles, small tears occur where they attach to the bone. Over time, a non-inflammatory infection (inflammation) develops in this tear area. Any use of this muscle causes pain in the elbow and throughout the muscle. Sometimes a tear and tennis elbow can develop with a single force.

What are the Symptoms of Tennis Elbow?

Pain is present on the outer surface of the elbow and outer forearm. The bony prominence on the outside of the elbow is very painful with compression. Strong gripping creates pain.

How Is Tennis Elbow Diagnosed?

The patient’s history and examination findings are sufficient to make the diagnosis.

How Is Tennis Elbow Treated?

In Tennis Elbow, the patient is informed and the movements that cause the disease are prevented. Cortisone injection into the painful area on the outside of the elbow is very beneficial. Together, the patient is recommended a tennis elbow bandage. In stubborn cases, surgery may be required.

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