What is teeth whitening? How is it applied? Is it harmful to teeth?


have a beautiful smile Smiling comfortably and confidently is a feeling we all desire. Who does not want to have a white and glamorous smile? Teeth and surrounding tissues have an important role in the aesthetic perception of the face. Yellowing and dark discoloration of our teeth also become a problem that disrupts our smile aesthetics and sometimes prevents us from smiling with confidence. In this article, we will talk about why our teeth turn yellow and stain, and one of the solutions, teeth whitening treatment.

If our teeth have a dark and yellow color, there may be various reasons for this. Genetically, each of us has a unique tooth color tone. This color may be whiter in some of us or more yellow or brown in some of us. Apart from genetic factors, our teeth are also colored due to environmental factors. Consuming dark-colored foods and beverages (for example, tea, coffee, cola, cherry, chocolate, turnip, etc.), factors such as smoking also cause discoloration in our teeth.

Some of the discoloration and staining on the teeth are adhered to the tooth surface with plaque and disappear after professional tooth cleaning. However, there are very small pores in our tooth enamel, which are invisible to the naked eye, and these cause the color pigments to penetrate into the deep layers of the tooth and cause the tooth color to darken. These discolorations cannot be removed with tooth cleaning, but they can be removed with professional teeth whitening applications. Tooth whitening is basically an application in which the bleaching agent reaches the deep layers of the tooth and removes the discoloration by expanding the pores on the enamel surface by using chemical agents. It has no harmful side effects to dental health when applied by the dentist and in accordance with the instructions.

If the dentist’s recommendations are followed and regular dental cleaning is performed, the teeth will maintain their whiteness for a long time. In individuals who smoke heavily and have a very high consumption of tea and coffee, the return may be faster.

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