What is Suicide?

In order for an incident to be resolved, the cause must be found and eliminated.
However, suicide is a concept that has been interpreted and studied from different perspectives throughout the ages. With its different dimensions, it has the feature of being one of the most researched subjects today.

  • Medical dimensions
  • Social dimensions

Intensive research is being carried out on its legal and psychological dimensions.

  • Suicide Attempt and Mental Illness Relationship
  • Suicide Attempt – Psychology Relation
  • Suicide Attempt – Biological Effects
  • Suicide Attempt – Its Relation with Seasons
  • Suicide Attempt – The relationship with the Moon, Sun, Clouds is being investigated.

It has been determined that there is an increase in suicide attempts in the world. Serious scientific studies are carried out on these issues under the leadership of the World Health Organization.

Suicid – Suicide – Whatever it is called, the definition of suicide is the act of attempting to kill oneself. Suicide is defined as a medically preventable cause of death. Fundamental support should be provided to prevent situations that may increase suicide.


  • Social Support, Medical Assistance, Family Support
  • Psychological Support / Psychotherapy, social pursuits, and similar supports for meeting her own coping ways.

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