What is Stress, What Happens in My Brain During Stress?

Stress; It is our body’s attempt to survive. Our brain monitors and interrogates all external stimuli and measures whether it can survive. Our brain filters everything we perceive with our 5 senses, namely image and sound. At that moment, if everything is near or not looking at him or if he receives any sensation, stress symptoms reactions occur at that moment. When we are stressed, our heart beats fast because our brain thinks that there is a wild animal running towards it. That’s why I have to run away, I need it more. Thus, the beating of the heart is disturbed and breathing is disturbed. Do you know why most people have stomach problems? Because our brain says, “I need energy right now and I’m closing the applications that consume the most energy.” Here, the immune system is the first system that shuts down in the body during stress. Stressed people get sick very often because of this and cannot recover. What happens when it shuts down the digestive system? Then, first of all, our mouth becomes dry and cannot digest, therefore, because the food in the stomach cannot be digested, more acid is formed and stomach problems such as burning increase. All of this is because our brain saves our lives. Why does sugar raise cholesterol? You need to be able to run right now, you need energy, so where is the energy? It is in fat and sugar. For this reason, energy is used by mixing the cholesterol stored in the liver with sugar into the blood. And if you are under chronic stress, sugar and cholesterol problems arise after a while. In fact, this magnificent system was built for our survival.

But do you know where the trouble is? If we were living in nature hundreds of thousands of years ago and our stress factors are war, famine etc. If there were, yes, these would keep us afloat and these stress reactions could occur at certain times. Today’s stress factors are much different now and there is a constant stress. For example, if it is economic, this is a continuous event. It causes chronic stress because it takes a long time that it does not happen all at once. It becomes chronic stress in them because it shows continuity in problems in the workplace or marriage. Man’s mechanism is set to escape from the tiger. But we have the same reaction to other stress factors that we are experiencing right now. Technology has developed, stress factors have changed, but the change of human beings could not catch up with the change in technology. That’s exactly the real problem. Freud has a very good saying, “The price of civilization is paid with neurosis.” Our body cannot keep up with the developing technology, cannot develop. Therefore, we experience psychological and physiological problems.


In times of stress, the primitive part of our brain actually becomes active. We call this primitive part the Animal Brain in some groupings. The animal brain part of our brain is the most primitive part. It is exactly the part that coincides with the back of our neck. Why do we call it the most primitive part? Because it is the part of the brain that is responsible for the most basic vital activities that have existed since the earliest times. The most basic and most primitive simple activities, such as breathing, eating, and reproduction, are produced in the part of this brain that we call the animal brain. This brain is activated when stressed.

What is the human brain? The front part of the brain is called the building brain. Why is it called human here? Because it is responsible for the higher cognitive activities of the brain. It is the part of the brain that is responsible for higher level activities such as attention, abstract thinking, problem solving, planning and provides the later development of the brain. We have an animal brain and a human brain. So what happens when we get stressed? The animal brain especially takes over the human brain and takes control. When the brain is in danger of life, it decides that there is no need to sit down and solve problems, it is enough to run fast, and it activates and suppresses the part we call the animal brain. Think of it this way, the part used by people who take the crowbar in traffic and go out is the animal brain part.

So can’t we control it? Of course we can check. At least by improving the human brain, we can increase the ability to think. The best solution to this is education. Our brain changes according to 4 different wave sizes. These wavelengths may vary depending on the mood you feel or at different times of the day.

What is wavelength? The brain named Hans BERGER was able to put the electrical activity of the brain on paper. Information moves in the form of electrical current in our brain. It is very important to know these wavelengths so that we can cope with stress. So what are these wavelengths?

1-) BETA WAVELENGTH: It is the fastest wavelength. We enter the beta wavelength when our bodies are most active. We enter the beta wavelength when we are ready for action, problem solving, and when we are stressed. For example; When we wake up with an alarm in the morning after sleeping at night, the body suddenly switches to beta wavelength because the alarm sound is very high, or when we are suddenly worried or angry, the body immediately switches to beta wavelength. So what’s wrong with this beta wavelength? It is suitable for getting up for short periods of time, waking up early in the morning or escaping from a place. However, after a certain period of time, that is, when it exceeds a maximum of half an hour, problems such as rapid heartbeat, high blood pressure, cholesterol, decreased immunity are very common in beta wavelengths.

2-) ALPHA WAVELENGTH: It is a slightly slower wavelength. It is the wavelength that we enter when the body is at rest, at rest. In fact, the alpha wavelength is the wavelength of peace and happiness. When we are at this wavelength, our immunity increases, our body awareness increases (we feel our body pains), for example; While you are cleaning, the phone comes up and you suddenly notice the pain in your body as the body goes down to the alpha wavelength while you are sitting and talking. Learning is at its highest when in the alpha wave dimension. You came home from a busy work schedule, ate your dinner, and when you lie down in front of the TV, the body switches to the alpha wave dimension. We don’t notice how time flies when you are doing your hobbies or hiking, here we are in alpha. That’s why doctors want you to have hobbies because immunity is strengthened. While some are painting and some are spending time with their children, their body is calm, peaceful and alpha. In the alpha wave dimension our mind is always at the same time, but in the beta wave dimension it is either dealing with the angers of the past or the anxieties of the future.

3-) THETA WAVELENGTH: The dreamy, sleepy phase is called theta wavelength. The mind repairs itself in sleep through dreams and the immunity goes up, so regular sleep is very important.

4-) DELTA WAVELENGTH: The deepest sleep stage is dreamless sleep. The body repairs itself, immunity is at the highest level. This is why doctors put some patients into a delta wavelength, or coma, because healing occurs most when they are in the delta size.

Knowing these wavelengths is very important for our health. I want you to know that the moment you get stressed, the wave size changes and switches to the beta wavelength, and the beta wavelength is very dangerous.

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