What is Sound Intensification?

What is sound intensification?

In the concept of sound aesthetics, thickening of the voice for some cases is extremely effective and beneficial in terms of social communication and perception in society. Voice deepening applications are generally for men.

In this context, the patient group we encounter most frequently consists of puberphony cases in which the necessary change in the direction of deepening of the voice is not observed during adolescence. Our childhood voice normally thickens with the transition to puberty. But sometimes this thickening does not occur and the sound remains thin. This naturally leads to misunderstanding of the individual in the society and social isolation. It is possible to obtain an effective and permanent thickening of the voice with some surgical interventions to be applied for this patient group, whose sound therapy studies can achieve satisfactory results.

A low voice is also a problem for a group of patients who have structural defects in their vocal cords or whose voices start to sound thin as a complication as a result of previous surgeries on the vocal cords. In such cases, voice thickening surgeries are quite satisfactory.

Having a low voice can cause some problems in business life, especially in terms of authority and effectiveness. This issue becomes even more important in occupational groups where social communication is at a high level, in managers, and in occupations where authority is at the forefront. Deepening of the voice is extremely important for such cases, and it is possible to get very effective results with some simple surgical interventions.

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