What is Sound Attenuation?

What is Sound Attenuation?

The basic element that creates the perception of thinness and thickness of our voice is the number of vibrations that our vocal cords create during sound production, that is, the fundamental frequency of our voice. The fundamental frequency of the voice is expected to be below 120 Hz in a healthy man and above 150 Hz in a healthy woman. In short, the higher the fundamental frequency of the sound, the thinner the sound, and the lower the frequency, the thicker the sound.

The factors that determine the fundamental frequency of our voice are the length, thickness and tension of our vocal cords. To thin the voice, it is necessary to lengthen, thin and increase the tension of the vocal cords, while to thicken the voice, it is necessary to shorten, thicken and reduce the tension of the vocal cords. Therefore, the changes to be made on these 3 parameters lead to changes in the sense of thinness and thickness in the sound.

The need for attenuation of the voice can arise from different reasons. The desire for sex change is one of the leading reasons. A new voice in harmony with the changing physical appearance is undoubtedly the most indispensable element of the new sexual identity desired to be achieved. Having a deep voice is undoubtedly a socially distressing situation for women who had to take hormone therapy during childhood or have some hormonal problems. Deepening of the voice is also a common problem in middle-aged women with a history of heavy smoking. Or simply, in the absence of any pathological condition, some women’s voices may be inherently deeper.

The common goal for all these groups is to refine the voice. It is possible to thin the voice with some surgical interventions applied today. With these surgical interventions, which are applied through a small incision made both inside the mouth and in the neck, an effective thinning of the voice is achieved that can meet the expectations.

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