What is Smile Design?

Smile design is a treatment method applied to make the differences in teeth and gums that disrupt aesthetics for various reasons, to give a natural and aesthetic appearance according to the needs and face shape of the patient.

Can Smile Design Be Done to Everyone?

Smile design :

  • Crowding in the tooth alignment

  • Abnormal coloration of teeth, staining

  • Irregularity in the size of their teeth

  • Having problems with the appearance of the gums

  • with missing teeth

  • It can be applied to patients with disproportion between teeth and gums.

How is Smile Design Made?

After the intraoral examination of the patient for whom the smile will be designed, photographs and videos of the patient are taken and digital analysis is performed. It is done with precision, taking into account the ‘Golden Ratio’. According to the golden ratio on the face of the patient, planning is made in accordance with his teeth.

How is Smile Design Applied?

While the smile design is being applied, the ideal form and aspect ratios of the teeth are planned on the digital platform, and the teeth are made ready for the measurement stage with slight corrections made on the teeth. The design made with intermediate rehearsals is tried on the patient’s mouth. After both the patient and the doctor approve the planning, the design process leaves its place to the finishing and gluing process.

Which Material Is Used While Making Smile Design?

The first purpose when making a smile design is to make the design look as aesthetic and natural as possible. Therefore, we choose aesthetic materials when designing a smile (ex: zirconium, emax.. etc.)

Is Smile Design Only With Lamina Teeth?

The first principle we consider when performing any dental procedure is ‘ To prevent damage’ It is possible. Because it is not possible to compensate for the damage to the teeth.

Therefore, Lamina is planned first for an aesthetic smile. We can design smiles not only for laminated teeth, but also for jaws with implants.

How Long Can I Use the Smile Design?

As with all health-related issues, it would be wrong to give our patients precise timings for teeth. Since everyone’s eating habits, height, weight, muscle structures, muscle rhythms, etc. vary, it is wrong to give a general time.

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