If there is something about yourself that you want to change, if it is your smile, then you need this design.
Smile aesthetics is the design of the smile shape formed by the analyzes that evaluate a number of aesthetic criteria such as the patient’s age, gender, compatibility of the gums with the teeth and lips. While planning the smile design, the patient should convey his wishes about his smile to the dentist well. The dentist should evaluate the features of the patient’s face shape, skin color and oral condition very well and plan a personalized design.
The lip level of the patient, the color of the teeth, the length and arrangement of the teeth, the level of the gums and which teeth should be included in the design should be designed by examining clinically and radiographically.
With the smile design, the procedures can be completed in one or several sessions depending on the current condition of the patient.
The condition of the gums, that is, pink aesthetics; In patients who show too much gums when they smile, a laughing line is arranged for aesthetic purposes with laser assisted treatment. The laser method enables the procedure to be performed in a very short time without anesthesia and pain and is preferred for patient comfort.
The condition of the teeth, namely white aesthetics; It is provided with porcelain and composite laminates applied on the teeth, porcelain crown-bridge applications, bonding applications, laser-assisted teeth whitening, inlay-onlay applications.
If necessary, orthodontic treatment and implant treatment are also included in the treatment plan.

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