What is Sinus Lifting Operation & Sinus Lifting Operation and When Is It Done?

The most common problem after the loss of teeth in the maxillary molar region is the downward sagging of the maxillary sinuses in this region and reducing the amount of bone to be implanted. Different treatment protocols have been developed to solve this problem. Short implant applications, positioning the implants to the right or left of the sinus cavity, or regenerating bone with a sinus lift operation are some of them.

This operation is a delicate operation performed under local anesthesia. The aim is to lift the sagging sinus membrane over the years and fill the existing space with bone grafts to obtain bone again. The duration of the operation often varies between half an hour and 1 hour. The completion of ossification after the procedure may take 4-6 months. This operation can be planned together with the implant surgery or before the implant surgery, this is a decision to be made by the physician who will perform the operation. Sinus lifting operation is one of the most frequently applied bone-enhancing methods today, it is a reliable procedure with proven long-term success. Our patients do not have many complaints in the post-operative period, medications are sufficient for our patients to pass this process comfortably.

The quality of the bone grafts used in the sinus lift operation is the most important factor that directly affects ossification. Be sure to consult your dentist about which graft material should be used in this surgery. Another important factor is waiting for a sufficient recovery period, the long recovery period in this treatment protocol causes our patients to be impatient and they want to have their porcelain teeth without waiting for adequate healing. Healing time may vary according to the sinus cavity to be ossified; If they think of the sinus cavity as the inside of a balloon, the smaller the balloon, the faster the recovery.

After this surgery, smoking, severe sneezing and sneezing should be avoided in particular, the head should be kept as high as possible and a high pillow should be preferred while sleeping. Complications such as bleeding from the nose, which are not seen after implant operations, may occur after the sinus lift operation, this should be considered normal and should not frighten our patients. In addition, the application of external cold compresses to the operation area and the use of postoperative antibiotics and antibacterial mouthwashes are of great importance for comfortable healing of the wound. Consumption of very hot foods and beverages and activities that will increase body temperature such as sports and hot bath should be avoided as they will increase postoperative bleeding and edema.

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