What is Sexuality?

Sexuality is a concept that begins before birth and continues throughout life, shaped by people’s values, beliefs, feelings, personalities, likes and dislikes, attitudes, behaviors, physical appearance and the societies they live in. It includes the entire body and mind, not just the genitals. Contrary to what is known in society, our most important sexual organ is the brain, and all sexual satisfaction occurs on the basis of the thoughts formed here. This concept, which is as natural as eating and drinking for every person, cannot be included in our conversations too much due to the perspectives of the society. However, contrary to this situation, it has been determined that people frequently take place in their thoughts.

So why is sex so important?

Sexuality ensures biological reproduction and thus the continuity of generations.

When considered psychologically, it takes one of the most active roles in the process of getting pleasure and satisfaction.

The roles that are socially imposed on people through sexuality ensure the continuity of the usual system.

So why is it not talked about so much, although sexuality is so important?

The social point of view says that sexuality is private and should not be talked about.

-They make the concept of sexuality a taboo and consider it as a bad situation to talk about a subject.

Why is sexuality seen as so complex?

Sexuality has been for mankind throughout history. complex, wild, mysterious and untamable 

an existential fearhas been the source.

It’s bad people He does not like sexuality with his loved ones.

While the reproductive direction is supported, “ pleasure and pleasureSexually directed towards ”in most cultures, almost ignored.

Your sexuality denialproblems rather than being a solution get stuckbrings .

By those working in the sexual field being scientificand less understood.

In order for sexuality to be experienced better, it is very important to eliminate our lack of sexual information and to gain sexual skills. It will be important to apply to people who work in this field and serve as Sex Therapists in order to eliminate these deficiencies and to better resolve unconscious processes.

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