What is sexual therapy?

Want to change something in your relationship?

Looking to find each other again as a couple?

Do you want to bring innovation to your sex life?

Couple therapy and sexual counseling

Do you always have problems with the same issues in your relationship?

Do you go through the same cycle in your relationship with every Partner?

Online Sex Therapy

Among the topics we will cover in the interviews: Fear of attachment, all kinds of sexual problems, orgasm and ejaculation problems. Likewise, we will try to find out what sexuality means to you. Sexuality should be considered holistically and as a synthesis. You will be able to talk about your sexual fears and sexual problems you experience in a relationship easily.

Online Relationship Therapy

Apart from sexual problems, we also deal with the problems in your relationship. We will talk about the problems you experience in your relationship, the blockage of relationships in the same cycle, and your separation.

Individual and Couple Therapy

You can attend the sessions alone or with your partner.


  • different sexual conceptions
  • Disputes and records in the relationship
  • Conservation of relational fields and individual fields
  • Attachment fears
  • fear of marriage
  • Fear of loss and the grieving process
  • Jealousy
  • money and relationship
  • Family planning / unfulfilled desire for children
  • Pregnancy and relationship / sexuality
  • three-way relationships
  • dealing with an open relationship
  • deceive and be deceived
  • multiple relationship
  • Loss of sexual desire
  • sexual fears
  • Pangs of love
  • Inability to leave the relationship
  • Erection problems / premature ejaculation / lack of orgasm
  • Vaginismus and painful intercourse
  • sexual anxiety
  • Excessive porn consumption
  • sexual fetishism
  • sadism and masochism
  • Slave and master relationship
  • Master and Slave relationship
  • Gender identity mismatch / sexual orientation / transgender / homosexuality
  • being bisexual

What is Sex Therapy?

Founder of sexual therapy in the 1960s William Masters and Virginia Johnson started by. Sexual Therapy and Sexual Counseling is a special form of psychotherapy. Unlike traditional couples therapy, sex therapy focuses on re-establishing sexual relationships in partnership. Here, couples who come to sexual therapy with Behavioral Therapy method are given practical and applied homework and these applied studies are integrated into sexual therapy. Sexual dysfunctions and problems are not resolved with medication or surgical interventions, but only with a competent Sex Therapy/Sexual Counseling practice. Of course, it should be clear that sexual dysfunction is not subject to a biological cause. For this, the procedure to be done must either have been checked by a Specialist Doctor before starting the Sex Therapy or Sexual Counseling service, or after the first meeting, a Specialist physician control is required and certain triggers must be made.

Sex Therapy is not a legally protected job title. Everyone in Turkey can work with the title of Sexual Counselor or Sexual Therapist. Generally, Specialists operating in the field of Sexual Therapy in Turkey include Physicians, Psychologists, Psychological Counselors, Social Workers, Sociologists and Family Counselors etc. professional groups work in this field. When you want to receive Sexual Therapy, please carefully research the vocational training of the Sexual Therapist you will choose and be very selective.

She is neutral about her therapist role and helps the couple not to fall into familiar rituals. It checks the couple dialog and points out old patterns and undetected messages. If necessary, he makes suggestions for behavior change and opens them up for discussion.

What does Sex Therapy aim at?

  • Although the reasons for couples to come to sexual therapy differ, generally the same or similar topics are covered in sexual therapy. It helps couples to see and experience their situations from a different perspective. Events should be made understandable and actionable. Therefore, we can determine the aims of sexual therapy as follows:
    • Intensification of relationship and love ability
    • Awareness of one’s own needs
    • Individualization in partnership

Because sex therapy is also life energy – which when it is lost – it can be reawakened by sexual therapy.

What are the Topics of Sex Therapy?

Many couples seek a satisfying sex life. In this quest, sexual counseling comes to the aid of couples.

Frequently, sexual problems and sexual dysfunctions are a symptom of communication and relationship disorders in a partnership. Violations of trust, such as infidelity, conflicts, and disappointments in the relationship’s own expectations, are often not expressed frequently in sexual intercourse, and these unexpressed feelings cause both parties to become alienated from each other.

The four main divisions that make up Sex Therapy are:

sexual dysfunctions

Sexual dysfunctions usually manifest as pleasure or arousal disorders. Most of the time, men experience early or late ejaculation. Problems such as inability to orgasm and sexual reluctance in women generally refer to sexual dysfunction. Some couples experience pain during intercourse (dyspareunia) and vaginal spasms (vaginismus). Vaginismus and Orgasm disorder in women are among the most common sexual dysfunctions. The most common sexual dysfunction in men is Premature Ejaculation and Erection.

Pornography and Online Sexuality (Internet Porn addiction)

Free pornographic content (video and picture) on the Internet is very popular, especially by men, and as a result, porn movie addiction occurs. While occasional searches of such sites are not a problem and may even enrich sex life, excessive consumption of pornography alters the perception of sexuality as well as the image of men and women.

So when does porn consumption become problematic? If one of the couples is stimulated only by watching porn movies and feels sexual pleasure only through porn consumption, the problem has started. If he prefers to watch only sexual videos instead of having intercourse with his partner, there is still a problem to be overcome. These are issues that need to be worked on in Sex Therapy. In Burda Sex Therapy, topics such as the meaning of video with sexual content and the concept and meaning of re-sexuality will be studied and sexuality will be regained.

sexual orientation

Being gay (gay, gay) or bisexual and hiding this from their partner. Or, issues such as the individual’s being gay or bisexual and not being able to admit it to himself and face it can be one of the subjects of sexual counseling and sexual therapy. It is not an easy process for an individual to face their true sexual orientation. Bisexual or homosexual individuals, who are usually in search of an outlet, may experience serious psychological problems due to their inability to open up, being exposed to prejudices, and discrimination stemming from the social environment.

It takes strength and courage to reveal or not reveal that you are gay/bisexual to parents, children, co-workers and friends and go through these steps. Sexual counseling and sexual therapy make a lot of sense, especially when there are (still) uncertainties about sexual orientation and identity. For many, accepting and recognizing this sexual orientation is difficult at first. But for family members who are taken aback on a trip and don’t know how to deal with the new situation, therapy is also an important aid.

sexual fantasies

It is not always easy to explain one’s sexual desires, sexual fantasies or sexual preferences to one’s partner. Often sexual fantasies are suppressed and rarely voiced because of embarrassment to the partner. Therefore, rejection concerns are often high and sexual fantasies are rarely talked about with the partner. (Fantasy clothes can be among sexual desires, as well as different BDSM practices among sexual fantasies.)

Suppressing secret desires is not the solution and often damages the relationship and sexual aversion occurs.

Sex therapy helps to gain courage, to reveal oneself to others, and also to deal with oneself and their erotic thoughts. In addition, sex therapy can show the client how important it is to understand the meaning of one’s own sexual tendencies and fantasies.

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Abdullah OZER

Social Worker, Scientist (Clinical Psychology)

Schools of Psychotherapy that he has been trained in:

  • Focusing (DFI)
  • Positive Psychotherapy (WAPP)
  • Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (CSU)
  • Ego State Therapy (EST-DE/ESTI)
  • Ericksonian Psychotherapy (MEG-DE)
  • Logotherapy and Existential Analysis (VFI-Wien)

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