What is sex therapy and why is it needed?


It’s one of the most private issues that people are embarrassed to talk about. sexuality Truck. It is more difficult to talk, especially if there is a problem about this topic. Alright, to sex therapyWho should apply? sexual therapy, sexual dysfunctionIt is a treatment method that should be applied by living individuals. sexual therapy,the various in sexual problemswhere individuals can attend alone or with a spouse, sexual feelings It is a therapy method that deals with issues such as feelings, life and problems. Dissatisfaction with sexual life and its persistence sexual dysfunctionis called. sex therapyIt is applied by psychiatrists and psychologists trained in sexual problems.

Human behavior and sexuality are affected by physical, psychological and social conditions. SexualityIt is not limited to the genitals only. in sex therapyAll of them are considered as a whole. In the culture in which the individual lives, there are feelings, thoughts and settled beliefs about sexuality. sex therapyduring, sexual problems and physical and psychological causes of the emergence of disorders are investigated. In this process sexual problemimportant events in the life of the living person, family and marriage important points in his life and development are evaluated together with the therapist. Naturally sexual problems Treatment may also vary depending on the factors that play a role in its formation. By interviewing the person, the factors that reveal the problem and cause it to settle are examined together and will be effective in the treatment of the problem. psychotherapiesis selected.

With the help of various therapy methods and techniques, individuals overcome these problems and, thanks to their conscious approach, lay the foundation of a healthy sexual life that will last a lifetime.

Problems Encountered in Sex Therapy


Sexual Dysfunctions,

Spousal Sexual Adjustment Disorders,

Sexual Desire Disorders,

Anorgasmia (Inability to Orgasm),

Sexual Disgust Disorder,

Sexual Arousal Disorders,

Sexual Pain Disorders,

Erectile Dysfunction

Premature Ejaculation.

Success Rate in Sex Therapy

in sex therapy success rate is high. Woman in sexual dysfunctionsmost common vaginismusIt is one of the problems that please the clients in terms of treatment. to sexual therapybest and quickest responder from sexual disorders we can say it is one. Other in sexual dysfunctions, Anorgasmia, Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation etc. It is observed that there are positive developments in diseases. sex therapyIt is strongly recommended to complete the process, in the treatments left unfinished. sexual problemsrecurrence can be seen.

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