What is sclerotherapy and how is it done?

One of the non-surgical varicose treatment methods is Sclerotherapy. This method is one of the most used methods for the treatment of varicose veins in recent years.

As stated before, varicose veins occur as a result of the veins in the legs becoming corrupted and unable to function. The dirty blood accumulated in the veins causes the diameter of the vessels to expand, causing the vessels to become visible from the skin surface. The blood accumulating in the veins causes enlargement in the capillaries at a later stage.

Sclerotherapy is applied to capillary varicose veins.

After the appearance of capillary varicose veins, varicose veins are treated with sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy gives very successful results in the treatment of spider web-like varicose veins on the legs. After this treatment, the patient can go home and work on foot. He can continue his social life.

There Are Valves In The Veins.

There are valves in the veins to ensure the unidirectional flow of the dirty blood and prevent the blood from escaping downwards. These valves provide the regulation of blood flow. As a result of the deterioration in the valves, the blood starts to run downwards and starts to pool in the veins. This ponding causes the capillaries to be affected and cracked after a while. Therefore, varicose veins should be considered and treated.

How Is Sclerotherapy Done?

Sclerotherapy; It is one of the methods applied to close the veins that have deteriorated and become unable to fulfill their duties.

It is a treatment method applied against the expansion of capillary and medium-thickness vessels. sclerotherapy The drug used for treatment is done with very fine needles. The drug is injected for varicose veins. With the effect of the drug, varicose veins stick and close. Thus, we get rid of varicose veins.

The surrounding healthy veins begin to perform the function of the veins closed with sclerotherapy. Thus, varicose-related problems in the surrounding tissues come to an end.

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