What is sand therapy? In which areas is it used?


Sand therapy is used to express emotional problems that cannot be put into words. At the same time, we can say that it is a therapy method that appeals to clients of all ages who cannot use verbal expression or who have a desire for verbal expression. Sand therapy is a play therapy technique used especially when working with children. It can be used when working with all individuals (adolescents, adulthood, couples and families) over 2 years old.

It establishes the balance in the conscious and subconscious and provides the individual with the opportunity to create a ‘sand world’ in which he can reflect or repair his own social reality and inner world.
Studies show that sand play therapy gives positive results in the treatment of traumas and the resolution of the client’s emotional and relational difficulties.

What should be the materials of sand therapy?

Sand is a tray of tiny miniatures, water and sand. This sand tray can be thought of as a miniature version of the therapy room; It is a field of inclusion that lays the groundwork for the client and is surrounded by reliable boundaries.

In which situations is sand therapy beneficial?

Inability to express sensory problems that cannot be verbalized

Physical and emotional violence

Distraction and behavioral disorder

Adaptation process of parents after divorce

Speech and language disorder

nail biting, thumb sucking

In immature motor skills

In the preschool adaptation problem

In cases of domestic violence

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