Rhinoplasty surgery is performed to correct the external appearance of the nose. This surgery

It is important to protect breathing during breathing and, if it is problematic, to correct it.

It is also called functional aesthetic surgery operation.


It is important to decide on nose surgery because it is in the middle of our face and attracts attention.

is a region. It is important in giving the person a characteristic facial appearance.

In order to have plastic surgery, the development of the nose must be completed. 18 years old

It is important to be filled. Both the anatomical development is completed and the person

Becomes legally of legal age for permanent change in face.

The person who decides on nose surgery should talk to his doctor knowing what he wants. However

Expectations should be realistic. Because the nose should be compatible with the face. Big facial features

A patient with celiac disease will have a mismatched face with a small, upturned nose.

Many factors are calculated when evaluating the nose. patient’s nose skin structure, past

operations, the size of the lower and upper jaw is taken into account.

The ‘natural’ trend, which is the trend of today and which I personally apply in my surgeries

‘looking nose’ is the nose shape that patients often want today.


After the pre-operative interview, patient photos are taken. Nose tip operations

All nose surgeries are performed under general anesthesia. routine examinations

After the patient is prepared with the approval of the anesthesiologist.


The operation takes approximately 2-3 hours, depending on the difficulty of the operation.

in progress. The tampons used in the past created fear in patients. However

Silicon tampons that we use today, while pulling and after the surgery,

It provides great comfort.


When you come out of surgery, you will have a small plaster and tampon on your nose. general anesthesia

It may be necessary to follow up in the hospital overnight. overnight ice application

Generally, the patient is discharged the next day. A plaster cast is changed after 1 week.


Facial edema may occur in the first 2 weeks after nose surgery. Edema dissipates over time

and the desired final shape of the nose takes place at the end of the 6th month. First after surgery

It is important not to wear sunglasses for 3 months, not to be hit, and to massage.

The most important thing is to go to the controls regularly. Because cartilage after rhinoplasty

There are some patient-dependent factors associated with recovery. Suture and cartilage placed

If there is a problem, as the materials are personal operation techniques,

It is very important to consult the surgeon who performed the operation. repetitive nose

The success rate of surgeries decreases.

Nose surgeries are frequently performed by plastic surgeons; state by me

It’s one of the most common surgeries I do at the hospital.

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