What is Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry?

Achieving a healthy and aesthetic mouth is not difficult in this period when technology has advanced so much.
Our teeth are of great importance in terms of both health and social life. When we lose any of our teeth, our life becomes difficult in terms of both health and social life. Difficulty in chewing and speaking and uneasiness when laughing reveal the need for treatment in every aspect.

It is the application of treatment methods in many areas of aesthetic dentistry together for dental aesthetics in order to obtain a natural, symmetrical, proportional view of the teeth, gums, mouth, lip and surrounding area that is fully compatible with the person’s facial dimensions and contours with dental aesthetics. For successful applications, a plan that includes a holistic and combined treatment of dental caries, worn teeth, discolored teeth (Whitening), sensitive teeth, gaping teeth, broken teeth, teeth with shape, texture and deformity, mild crowding is essential. For these treatments, illuminated white fillings, porcelain fillings (inlay-onlay), fiber applications, bleaching methods, desensitizers and lamina applications are used.

The important thing is that the dentist knows his patient and applies the right treatment methods by using the most suitable materials for the patient. Our aim is to achieve beautiful and healthy smiles by combining the latest technology devices and the perspective of an experienced physician in sterile environments. It will be applied in our clinic ‘Smile Aesthetics’You can have beautiful smiles with

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