What is radiofrequency?

Radiofrequency is a heat-controlled attenuation method.

How does it work?
Radio waves exchange water molecules and ions (sodium-potassium-calcium-magnesium) in the body.
activates. Depending on their movement, energy is released and the area warms up.

What is the point?
Aim; to increase the temperature of the heated area to 41-43 degrees. (normal body temperature is 36-37 degrees). When the skin temperature reaches this point, the temperature in the subcutaneous region corresponds to 50-55 degrees. This heat does not cause any damage or damage to the body.

What are the effects?
Regional treatment with radiofrequency method has 3 effects.
1. Effect: Radiofrequency allows all tissues containing water to pass into very deep tissues in a controlled manner or
It heats without causing conduction. Because the radiofrequency moves the water molecules in the cells.
is passing through. With this technology, fat cells with very high water levels can be reached. So oil
can dissolve the tissue.
During the treatment, the walls of the fat cells break down in the heated area, and the fats begin to melt. melting
Fats are absorbed and excreted from the body through blood and lymph, depending on the increase in circulation.
2. Effect: The aged and worn collagen tissue breaks down and dies. Instead, the body produces new collagen.
starts production.
3. Effect: The tissue that provides tightness and tension in the body is called connective tissue. The cells that make up this tissue are
are fibroblast cells. Fibroblast activation accelerates with the heat generated.

Thinning, slimming, with the melting of fats, proliferation of collagen and regeneration of connective tissue,
It occurs as a result of the disappearance of cellulite, recovery, removal of sagging, and disappearance of wrinkles.

Treatment Time ?
15-30 minutes for the smallest area (example: face) 45-60 minutes for legs and hips, belly and hips
for 20-25 minutes.

Does the application hurt?
During the application of this system, besides the controlled heating of the skin, the application of the device
The cooling system carried by the header ensures the painless completion of the application.

Is it a problem to have dark skin color in the treatment?
Accent, which includes radiofrequency technology, is a color blind system. So it does not pose a problem for any skin type.
does not. For this reason, treatment can be continued even in conditions that bring tanning in summer.

Treatment range?
The shortest treatment interval is 2 weeks and the longest treatment interval is 4 weeks. This is decided according to the situation of the person.
Total sessions average 6 sessions.

To whom is it not applicable?
Untreated or untreated diseases (Parkinson, MS, epilepsy, skin cancer, etc.), pregnancy, heart
It cannot be applied to those who have a battery and have a large metal prosthesis on their body.

What results should we expect from treatment?
Naturally, the post-application effects vary from person to person, as with any treatment.
can show. A slight reddening and tightness of the skin immediately after the treatment
is observed. This effect disappears very quickly and can be easily carried into daily activities.
can be continued.

What is the effect on daily life?
Only heat is felt during application. It does not affect daily life.

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