What is psychotherapy and how should it be?

Psychotherapy is a treatment that can get support during periods when the person does not feel mentally healthy.
type. In order to improve this mental state and find solutions to their problems, they go to psychotherapy.
is applied. The client looks for a solution to this situation that he cannot get out of and while this search continues.
He is looking for someone reliable and competent with him. At this point, the communication and bond that the psychotherapist establishes with the client
It is very important. In the first meeting, the boundaries of the therapy are always determined and the client and the psychotherapist
A secure relationship is established between The foundations of the relationship established according to the school adopted by the psychotherapist
vary, but they all have the same purpose. Progress of the therapy process with positive developments
Established trust relationship is very important. The client always feels safe and sincere.
must be felt in the environment. If there is a slight doubt in the relationship with the therapist, it will be negative.
reflected in the client and the duration of therapy. In order to avoid this, it should always be approached sincerely and
The person should be made to feel safe.

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