What is Psychological Fatigue and How Can We Cope With It?

Today, individuals often experience psychological problems as well as physical problems. One of the most common problems in our age is psychological fatigue. Psychological fatigue is a disorder that is based on many reasons and reduces our quality of life considerably. People suffering from psychological fatigue, also known as emotional fatigue, feel tired even if they are constantly resting. This fatigue and weakness are highly related to our physical and mental health. No matter how strong our body is physically, we can experience this problem. The individual may want to lie down all the time, get more tired as he lies down, and may even complain that some parts of his body are constantly sore.

Physiological and psychological causes can be shown as the causes of Psychological Fatigue. Some vitamin deficiencies or anemia can be seen among physiological causes. For psychological reasons, stresses in our daily life, excessive responsibilities, monotony, lack of hobbies, etc. can be displayed as As a result, it can cause reluctance to many things, deterioration of attention and concentration, forgetfulness, absent-mindedness, sleep problems and pain in some parts of the body.

So how can we deal with Psychological Fatigue? The cause of the fatigue that persists even after resting for a long time should be investigated. If a person sees a lack of motivation in himself, he should find the source of motivation and strive for it. In the face of this problem, the individual should go over this problem. Being in contact with other individuals, not being introverted, not being alone all the time, doing the activities we love, even if by force, and spending time with the people we love are among the things to be done. Individuals should be supported not only behaviorally but also cognitively. Psychological Fatigue is not a disease that goes away with rest. If this problem does not go away for a long time or if the person cannot cope alone, support from a psychologist should be sought.

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