What is Prp? In which diseases is it applied?


wPRP, also known as platelet-rich plasma, is a platelet serum prepared from one’s own blood. With a special centrifugation method (at varying speeds and times), platelet cells, which are responsible for healing in the body, are increased 3-5 times their concentration in the blood normally. In particular, hundreds of different growth factors in it provide tissue healing. Rather than recreating a tissue, it provides accelerated healing of the damaged tissue, increases the body’s own healing speed, and supports when it is insufficient. PRP has been used for a long time to allow us to examine its results and has proven useful in the treatment of many orthopedic disorders.

These ailments are:

• Tendinitis

• Rotator sheath tears

• Early and some advanced knee osteoarthritis

• Degenerative spine diseases

• Spine inflammation

• Joint calcifications

• Tendon, ligament and muscle injuries due to overuse

• Muscle tears

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