What is prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy especially; A treatment used to strengthen weakened and loosened ligaments and other joint support structures, and to stimulate the formation of new cartilage within the joint. he it’s timely. It acts by stimulating the body’s natural healing response.

Prolotherapy; arthritis, low back pain, neck pain, fibromyalgia, recurrent strain injuries; tennis-golfer elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, rotator cuff injuries; It is effective in musculoskeletal system pain including ankle injuries, Achilles tendonitis, knee injuries, hip pain, osteoarthritis partial tendon and ligament tears, degenerated or herniated disc, temporomandibular joint.

The active ingredient in prolotherapy: It is a mixture of low concentration lidocaine and hypertonic dextrose solution injected into the attachment of the ligament and tendon to the bone (entesis region). This causes localized inflammation. As a result, it increases blood flow and allows ligaments and tendons to repair themselves. Injections are made at intervals of several weeks. Recovery differs from person to person. Some get better after a few treatments, while others may need 10 or more sessions. The average number of sessions is between 4-6. Injection is generally well tolerated. Depending on the adequacy of its mechanism, clinical improvement and disappearance of symptoms are generally observed after the third week of administration. It has been reported that the joint space is narrowed, the cartilage tissue is repaired again, the joint range of motion is increased, and radiological improvement is detected in the radiological follow-ups of the cases where knee prosthesis is recommended.
As it is known, every physician frequently encounters situations and clinical pictures in which no single method is sufficient. While reflex treatments can be successful in the stage of information and dysfunction in the tissue, they are not very successful or the success takes a long time in degenerative changes that begin in the joint and organ.
However, Prolotherapy is successful even in chronic and severe conditions with morphological changes such as Arthrosis, Epicondylitis, avascular necrosis.

PROLOTHERAPY has been practiced in the USA since 1930. In our country, SUT is paid by the state.

Organized by Scientific PROLOTHERAPY Association (BPoD) in Denizli Prolotherapy training coursesWe are launching the first Istanbul leg in Istanbul, on a monthly basis, starting from September 15-16, 2012.

The main subject of this Prolotherapy 1 course will be the treatment of acute and chronic problems of the Knee joint, Shoulder joint, Lumbar and Sacroiliac joint, with theoretical and practical applications. Practical applications on the patient as well as numerous presentations. In addition to certain injection techniques, clinical approaches to complex diseases and chronic diseases will be discussed and reviewed.

Next calendar: 6-7 October 2012 Prolotherapy 1 for the year 2012

10-11 November Prolotherapy 2

15-16 December 2012 Prolotherapy 3

Instructors: Op. Dr. Hasan Doğan and Dr. Dr. Ilker Solmaz

Physicians from all branches, especially those interested in Prolotherapy and Neural Therapy, that is, Complementary Medicine, were appointed on September 15-16, 2012. To the PROLOTHERAPY 1 course and other courses to continueWe invite you.

Kind regards.

Dr. Hussein UMUT

For registration, Dr. from the Deha Health and Education Consultancy Center. Hussein UMUT

You can contact with drhumutus@gmail.com

Phone: 0 216 441 65 66 GSM: 0532 411 47 91 www.huseyinumut.com

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