What is physical therapy? Which diseases can be cured with physical therapy?

Tekirdag Physical Therapy Facilities

Physical therapy applications are used in the treatment of many diseases related to bone and muscle. With the developing technology, there are many different treatment methods. Tekirdag Physiotherapy facilities have an important place in order to offer a better quality and more comfortable life by treating congenital or acquired functional disorders of people.
When Tekirdağ Physical Therapy facilities are mentioned, there are home physical therapy services within the borders of Tekirdağ together with the services provided in a private practice. Different treatment methods are applied by specialist physicians for all patients from all age groups.

What is Physical Therapy?

Along with congenital disorders in people of all age groups, functional disorders or losses may occur in the bone and muscle area after accidents, injuries and traumas. These disorders and losses can turn into a health problem that primarily affects human life. The most effective treatment methods applied in such health problems are physical therapy and rehabilitation applications. Thanks to Physiotherapy, which can vary according to the person and can be applied alone when necessary, people can achieve a better quality of life.
In general, physical therapy and rehabilitation is a specialty that includes the diagnosis and treatment of physical and functional disorders in the musculoskeletal and nervous or cardiovascular systems. Tekirdag physical therapy applications are carried out with the aim of reducing or eliminating the pain of the patients, increasing their functional capacity, regaining daily activities and ensuring that the organ functions become healthy. Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation applications, which are used in many different fields, are applied within a special treatment program determined according to the patient’s condition after the diagnosis of the disease.

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Which Diseases Can Be Healed With Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation applications are used in a very wide area. The main areas where these effective and successful treatment methods are used;
• Orthopedic diseases,
• Rheumatic diseases,
• Neurological and neuromuscular diseases,
• Metabolic diseases,
• Sports injuries,
• Acute and chronic pain treatment,
• Pediatric rehabilitation,
• Heart and lung rehabilitation,
• Elderly rehabilitation,
• Preventive treatment approaches,
• Congenital or acquired joint or bone disorders.
Different treatment methods using different technological equipment are applied for all functional disorders and losses experienced in these areas. Depending on the extent of the disease, the physical therapy methods applied sometimes have a completely curative effect, while sometimes reducing the pain allows the quality of life to be improved to some extent.
The diseases that Tekirdag physical therapy applications are good for are as follows;
• Neurological diseases,
• Paralysis,
• Nerve compressions,
• Orthopedic problems,
• Shoulder joint diseases,
• Muscle spasm,
• Low back pain and herniated disc,
• Neck pain and neck hernia,
• Knee, hip, waist, back and neck calcifications,
• Limitation of movement and regional pain caused by sports injuries,
• Congenital spinal curvature,
• Bone resorption and osteoporosis treatments,
• Acupuncture,
• Headaches
• Position and posture disorder,
• Back pains,
• Foot diseases and ankle joint disorders,
• Hand, elbow and wrist joint disorders.

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Specialist Doctor Zuhal Karakoyun and Tekirdag physical therapy services

Specialist Zuhal Karakoyun offers patients a pain-free and free life with Neurological rehabilitation, orthopedic rehabilitation and ESWT treatment methods in Tekirdağ Physical Therapy Center. Along with the treatment service provided in the practice for patients of all age groups, it offers home physical therapy support for patients who cannot leave their homes.
Specialist Doctor Zuhal Karakoyun in Physical Therapy Clinic;
• Heel spur,
• Tennis elbow,
• Backache,
• Back pain,
• Knee pain,
• Kulunc
• Dry needling,
• Mesotherapy,
• Ozone therapy
• Fibromyalgia,
• Intra-articular injection
treatments are provided.

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