What is personal image management?

First of all, image management means being aware of the impact one has on others. Sometimes the clothing is the image, sometimes the situation.
attitude, sometimes communication… Sometimes all at once… It is the conscious use of resources so that he can communicate better and express himself more effectively.
What are the rules of personal image management?
To me, sincerity, consistency and relevance. One should be sincere, not try to be someone else, develop and change by using their own resources.
He should plan… He should be able to maintain this consistently and spread it to all points of his life…

Why does one need an image change?
His goals have changed, he is not satisfied with the situation he is in, he wants to be renewed… For example, he has just been promoted, he is looking for a job, he may want to be renewed after pregnancy, he is returning to work, he has started a business, he has written a new book, he is divorced, he is married… He may need it for many reasons.

What are the positive and negative factors that affect our personal image?
Aggressive attitude, critical personality, sloppy appearance, lack of listening, excessive self-praise, arrogance…
An attentive image, smiling face, empathy and positive energy always wins.

How do you know if the person needs an image change?

He can consult the people he trusts around him, and he can catch these messages between the lines, sometimes even if they are not clearly said. Especially in professional life, performance evaluation processes can enable this… If he is delayed in reaching his goals, his journey of change begins when he thinks about what I can do differently, what can I change.

How important is body language in personal image?

Body language is very important. Body language is a very important complement to communication. For this reason, it is important that the words spoken or the image drawn with the costume are in harmony with the body language. This is very important for a reliable impression. Most importantly, there should be body language that demonstrates self-confidence, eye contact that makes you feel listened to, and respect for personal spaces. Impact of personal image on professional career!

According to the results of the research, subjects within the scope of personal image in recruitment and promotion are 9 times more important than education and diploma. When someone is promoted or hired, not only their diploma but also their dress, sitting position, verbal and written communication power, courtesy and manners are taken into consideration… This is the case all over the world and researches say this.

How much share of appearance in personal image management:

Appearance is decisive at the time of decision. While the time to form first impressions has been reduced to seconds; clothes, colors, a smiling face, a modern haircut, and target-appropriate choices are always winning details…
I say start by getting to know the colors that suit you. Have a wardrobe suitable for your profession and your goals. Always dress responsibly. What effect do you want to make, which clothes and details are suitable, be sure to ask yourself… Shop smart. Invest in classic timeless pieces, especially in your business wardrobe… Keep your hairstyle and accessories up to date. Especially as we get older… How should the right personal image management be in today’s world where everything and everyone is alike and awareness is sought? It should be faithful to the essence of the person, emphasizing his strengths and planning to offer him a development area. If everyone chooses to be themselves, no one will be a copy of each other… Taking someone as a role model can help you up to a point, the style of a person who has reached your target can inspire you. However, a person should follow a path that is suitable for his/her goal by prioritizing his/her own identity, values, and competencies.

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