What is Penis Enlargement Surgery?

Medically, penises under 9 cm are defined as micro penises and penis lengthening surgeries are performed with medical indications. Apart from this medical indication, aesthetic lengthening and thickening surgeries can also be performed upon the request of the person.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

Thousands of men apply to urology clinics with the complaint that the penis is thin. So how can we determine whether the penis of these men is of normal thickness? Articles on this controversial subject have been published in various countries to create length thickness nomograms, but an average penile thickness standard has been established based on these studies, which are far from being a standard nomogram. In an erection made from the root of the penis, the circumference of the penis can be said to be between 11-13 on average. There is no scientific determination that the thickness of the penis causes a medical deficiency or disease in the person. In Western-based partner satisfaction studies, they reported that penis thickness was the most important physical factor in women’s sexual satisfaction. These generally accepted and scientific studies have naturally led men to penis enlargement surgeries.

Penis enlargement surgeries are surgeries that aim to increase the circumference of the penis by 3-4 cm on average, with various filling materials or materials surrounding the penis. Generally, adipose tissue or hyaluronic acid taken from the person is used as filling material. Another method is surgery performed with a special material that surrounds the penis. Although there are not great differences between the success rates, this technique is widely preferred because the adipose tissue taken from the person is a more compatible material.

Penis enlargement surgery is an operation that takes an average of 30 minutes under spinal anesthesia. The average hospital stay is 24 hours. Active sexual life can be started in a short time after the operation. Some of the filling material used in the thickening may be absorbed by the body over time and there may be a need for surgery in about 2 years.

Another issue is to deal with the expectation after the surgery realistically and to get psychological support in this regard is a vital issue.

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