What is Pedodontics?

It is the branch of dentistry in which the treatment of caries, trauma or hereditary deformations that may occur in milk and permanent teeth in childhood (0-13 years) and preventive dentistry treatments for children.

Who is a Pedodontist?
Pedodontist, on the other hand, is engaged in the treatment of children’s teeth and preventive dentistry practices; He is a dentist who has specialized training in child psychology, growth and development. Pedodontists are also dentists who perform dental treatments for disabled children of any age.
What are the treatments in pedodontics clinics?

We can divide the treatments performed in pedodontics clinics into two.

Treatments aimed at eliminating the problems that have occurred
* Caries dental treatments
*Prostheses to be made in case of tooth loss in children
*Tooth extraction
*Treatments of tooth fractures caused by trauma
* Root canal treatment
*Protective applications
Oral hygiene education that can be given to the child and their parents,
Information about the effect of healthy eating habits on dental health
Fluoride applications
Fissure sealant applications
Placeholder apps

Application of dental protectors used during sports matches

At Idealdent, treatment is carried out in clinics specially designed for the treatment of children and disabled people of all ages by Pedodontists who have received communication, diagnosis, treatment and pedagogy training with children.

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