What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics, which is a specialty that includes the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of irregularities in the teeth and jaws, means ‘correct teeth’ in Latin and is known as wire therapy among the people.

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The purpose of orthodontic treatments; It is to ensure that people become more active and more successful individuals both in business and social life by providing a better facial aesthetics, function and a better closing relationship in the teeth.

Importance of Orthodontic Treatment 
With orthodontic treatment, while the teeth are properly positioned on the jawbone, the pain caused by closing disorders in the jaw joint, head, neck or other organs may disappear. By giving the person a good chewing function, problems related to the digestive system such as stomach problems can be eliminated. It is necessary to have a regular tooth-jaw relationship in order to speak well and make the sounds correctly. It is not possible to clean the teeth that are deformed in their positions. Teeth that cannot be completely cleaned are candidates for caries. Orthodontics allows you to take better care of your teeth while ordering the teeth properly, thus reducing the risk of caries.

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Orthodontist; He is a dentist who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of tooth, jaw and facial irregularities using various appliances and wires. To become an orthodontist, after graduating from the faculty of dentistry, it is necessary to receive a doctorate or specialist training that lasts 4-6 years.

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