What is Oral Cancer?

Especially due to the increase in recent years, everyone wants to have information about cancer. Research shows that the most known types of cancer are lung, breast and blood cancer. Oral cancer is a subject that many people have heard for the first time. However, the number of people who lost their lives due to oral cancer is increasing rapidly today.

The incidence of oral cancers is twice as high in men than in women, and it is usually seen in individuals over the age of 45. Early diagnosis is very important. There are many types of oral cancer. However, the vast majority of these cancer types can progress without any symptoms. In short, a swelling in the mouth that grows slowly without causing any discomfort to the patient may be the harbinger of this disease. Therefore, it is very important to visit the dentist regularly.

Initial symptomAs a result, thickened or irritated areas can be seen in the mouth. It can also be said that the formation of red or white colored spots that did not exist before in the mouth, these areas remain in the mouth for a long time as recurrent wounds and bleed.

In the following periods, complaints such as severe pain, difficulty in swallowing and chewing, numbness in the face, numbness, difficulty in tongue movements may be seen. In addition, due to swelling caused by cancer, changes such as the pre-existing prosthesis not sitting in the mouth or the gaping of the teeth over time can be seen. These symptoms, of which I have listed a few, may also have occurred due to diseases that can be cured with very simple treatments. Your dentist will help you with the correct diagnosis.

The exact cause of oral cancers is unknown. However, smoking, alcohol use and genetic predisposition are among the factors that increase the risk of cancer.

Early diagnosis is very important

Treatment methodsIt varies according to the type of cancer. Chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and removal of all the cancerous tissue by cutting or using all these methods together are among the treatment options. If the cancerous tissue area taken from the mouth is large, the patient may have to use a facial prosthesis. Also, there may be restriction in functions.

The success rate of treatment of oral cancers is high. However, early diagnosis saves lives as in all types of cancer. per year it is very important to go to the dentist at least once.

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