What is nutrition?


Nutrition is not about suppressing the feeling of hunger or eating and drinking what you want. Nutrition; It is the use of nutrients for growth, maintenance of life and protection of health. The purpose of nutrition is to take the energy and nutrients needed in sufficient and balanced amounts according to the age, gender, physical activity and physiological condition of the individual. It has been scientifically proven that when any of these nutrients is not taken, or when taken more or less than necessary, growth and development are inhibited and health deteriorates.

Adequate and balanced nutrition is defined as the adequate intake of each of the nutrients necessary for the growth, regeneration and functioning of the body and their proper use in the body. In cases of insufficient and unbalanced nutrition, as there will be disruptions in the growth, development and normal functioning of the body, “adequate and balanced nutrition is the basis of health. Inadequate and unbalanced nutrition; It is a direct cause of some diseases (pellagra, beriberi, scurvy, anemia, rickets, etc.), and indirect (infectious diseases, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension, liver diseases, obesity, etc.) in others.

Considering food production and nutritional conditions, foods are grouped with 4-leaf clover or food pyramids. There are different food groups in each leaf of the clover and in each step of the pyramid. When choosing our foods, consuming foods from each group will have a positive effect on health and nutrient, vitamin and mineral deficiencies will be eliminated.

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