What is non-surgical breast augmentation?

What is Non-Surgical Breast Augmentation?

The method, which is introduced as non-surgical breast augmentation or non-surgical breast augmentation, is basically the process of increasing the volume of the breast tissue with fat or ready-made filling materials.

Today, fat tissue injections enriched with fat or stem cells obtained from the person’s own tissue are applied with the aim of enlarging the breast size. It is possible to obtain satisfactory results with these procedures performed in the operating room environment. Persistence of adipose tissue and volume changes in the early period may differ depending on the person.

With ready-made filling materials, breast augmentation is possible with local anesthesia in practice conditions. For this purpose, linear polyamide filling materials are preferred. There is currently only one linear polyamide filling material approved by the Ministry of Health in Turkey and it has been released to the market under the name Aquafilling.

Aquafilling has eliminated the high cost disadvantage of non-surgical breast augmentation, buttock enlargement, leg thickening, unlike the fillers previously in use. Since the permanence of hyaluronic acid-derived fillers is limited to 1 to 2 years, it could not become useful, but since aquafilling has a permanence of 5-8 years, it has great advantages for people who are afraid of surgery. Studies on this filler, which has been used since 2004, have proven to be reliable. No carcinogenic, teratogenic effect or incompatibility feature of Aquafilling has been detected.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia by numbing only the chest, hip or leg area. It is generally used in the correction of breast development disorders, asymmetries, smallness, smallness in the buttocks, crooked legs, and also in the correction of depressions from previous surgery. Aquafilling is basically a gel consisting of water and it gives softness and flexibility to soft tissues and ensures that these conditions remain for a long time. There is no visible or tangible contour. The main feature of the procedure is that the postoperative recovery period is short.

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