What is micro laser peeling? In what situations is it applied?

Wrinkles or irregularities occur on the skin with the effect of aging and adverse environmental conditions. Micro laser peeling is applied to eliminate or reduce these negative conditions.

During the laser peeling application, the top layer of the skin is determined by the physician and peeled at a depth suitable for you. The depth varies according to the skin condition, the desired result and the expectation about the recovery time that requires special care.

In what situations is it applied?

Laser peeling is especially applied on wrinkles. It can also be preferred in negativities such as scars, superficial sunspots, actinic keratos and worn skin appearance. Reduction of medium and deep wrinkles, treatment of resistant wrinkles such as lips and eye contour, removal of acne and surgical scars, removal of all skin spots and irregularities, pore reduction and tightening, laser treatment of all skin lesions, creation of a new and healthy skin structure, smooth It can also be preferred in cases such as the desire for a bright skin structure.

It can be applied to various parts of the body. It is most preferred on the face and neck.

Good results can be obtained with a single session in patients who have the opportunity to have a good recovery process. Together with your doctor, you can determine the most appropriate number of sessions for you. In the meantime, you can convey your expectations to your doctor and have information about the results to be obtained.

Before the treatment, some of our patients may be offered daily care creams to prepare them for the treatment. It is necessary not to be exposed to the sun and not to enter the solarium before and after the treatment. In micro laser peeling, the area to be treated is cleaned first. Concealers are placed to protect the eyes from laser beams. The scanner circles and marks the previously set area with a red pilot light. The marked areas are peeled off by shooting one after the other with the help of the scanner. The operation time is between 15-60 minutes on average, depending on the size of the area to be worked on. Micro laser peel application can be combined with other laser facial rejuvenation procedures. Fractional laser applications can be added to the treatment in people with deep acne scars.

Pain during the procedure depends on the depth to be studied. We can say that this procedure is somewhat painful. Local anesthesia can be applied in cases where deep work will be performed.

After peeling, you may experience redness and burning sensation on the skin. In some areas, there may be light bleeding depending on the depth. After the treatment, your doctor will tell you about the special care you need to apply. After about 3-4 days, you can return to your daily life.

After the treatment is done, your doctor will recommend you skin care products or medicines. It is recommended to use these products without interruption. During the healing process, the skin is very sensitive to sunlight. It is recommended to stay away from the sun until full recovery.

After the healing process, the upper layer of the skin will regenerate. You will be able to perform all applications in about 1 week. From 1 week onwards, you will notice the positive changes in your skin.

The price of micro laser peeling varies according to the width of the area to be applied.

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