What is meniscus? How is it treated?

One of the most frequently injured parts of the body is the meniscus. The meniscus is the cartilage in the middle of the knee joint. This structure is a hard, flat and rubbery texture. It covers the joint surface and supports it like a pillow. There are two menisci in the knee, one on the inside (inner meniscus) and one on the outside (outer meniscus). It has duties such as forming a harmonious joint between the round thigh bone and the flat tibia in the knee, carrying the load, making rotational movements in many directions, ensuring the balance of power between the thigh bone and the tibia, reducing the friction of the cartilage surfaces of the bones and distributing the loads on the joint in a balanced way.

Meniscus Tears ❌

Meniscus tears are basically classified in two ways according to the form of the tear. In cases of acute rupture, there is a compelling trauma to the knee. This causes the knee to swell. The knee is usually locked and it is very painful to move the knee. In chronic meniscus injuries due to calcification, bone deformities cause strain on the meniscus cartilage and the meniscus can be easily torn.

How to treat ❓

Physical therapy has an important role in the treatment process of meniscal injuries. In acute period meniscus injuries; rest, ice application, bandage applications are made. In the next stage, physical therapy agents to reduce pain and eliminate edema, exercise programs that strengthen muscles and increase flexibility, physical therapy is continued with proprioceptive training.

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