What is Marriage and Marriage Therapy?

Marriage ;


with you

by protecting us

year with respect

I want to be with you.

A healthy happy marriage is like that. Marriage is man’s second birth. Marriage is the third birth in relationship therapy. A marriage with well-defined borders allows us to be us while protecting ourselves.

Relationship and marriage therapy is a type of psychotherapy that tries to understand the relationship of couples with each other, how this relationship style reflects on behaviors and the relationship itself, and sees the family system as a whole rather than interpersonal relationships.

Today , the expectations of couples from each other , the desire for happiness and minimum standards have increased and the need for professional help has increased . Power struggles, economic problems, focusing on the negative, being accusatory, inadequacy or inappropriateness in sexual life, kinship relations, lack of communication and faulty ways of problem solving become important problems in relationships. When marriage occurs, ‘costs’ appear and ‘rewards’ decrease.

Couples focus more on the negative than the positive. Negative focus leads to an increase in negative behaviors; Couples may face problems such as criticism , defensiveness , condescension , building walls , pressure , aggression , emotional disconnection , withdrawal , escaping , fighting and being left alone .

A healthy relationship , a happy marriage does not mean that there are no problems , no arguments . A healthy relationship depends on a balance of intimacy, lust, and commitment.

In marriage therapy, it is aimed to teach couples the least expectation, the maximum investment, taking responsibility instead of blaming, healthy and happy sex life, active listening in dialogue, spending quality time, accepting, sharing and establishing restorative communication, and raising awareness about these. So learning to communicate is essential.

Learning to argue and fight in a healthy way is part of marital therapy. In some cases, helping to end the relationship in a healthy way is among the duties of marriage therapy.

You will be a good spouse to the extent that you can understand yourself and your spouse, have a healthy discussion, solve problems, and accept differences. As long as couples are open to change and development with good intentions, there is no problem that cannot be solved.

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