What is mammography and digital mammography?

Mammography is a special imaging method that provides breast examination using low-dose X-rays. Breast images are evaluated on an x-ray film in classical mammography and on computers with very high resolution monitors in digital mammography. Early diagnosis is the most important factor in the success of breast cancer treatment. The most successful method for early diagnosis is mammography. Because very early changes in the breast can be detected by mammography at least two years before palpation. Many important organizations such as the American Cancer Society, the American Radiological Society, and the American National Cancer Institute recommend screening mammography to all women from the age of 40. In addition, it is reported that screening should begin before the age of 40 in people with high risk, such as a family history of breast cancer.

What is Digital Mammography?

In full field digital mammography, the mammography image is created in a computer environment using an electronic detector instead of an x-ray film. There are no intermediate processes such as cassette, film and bath in conventional film mammography.

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