What is kinesiology taping?

It is a special type of taping technique that accelerates the body’s natural healing by supporting joints and muscles without restricting joint movements.

This taping technique is one of the treatment options applied after surgery with orthopedic and neurological problems as well as very common health problems such as waist-neck and back pain.

For an effective taping application, the physiotherapist evaluates the patient fully and decides which technique to use and applies it.

Kinesiotape has been developed to reflect the characteristics of the skin, and its thickness is similar to the epidermis layer of the skin, and its elasticity is similar to the elastic properties of human skin.

Classic bands restrict joint mobility, limiting movement in that area. This special banding method is; It aims to support muscle, joint and ligament structures without limiting the range of motion of the joint, and to facilitate the natural healing process of the body by reducing edema. As the painful and edematous muscles swell, the area in that area narrows. With kinesiology taping, circulation and movement are increased as well as the area under the skin. The increase in circulation and movement leads to a decrease in inflammation, ie edema, in that area. In this way, it is aimed to reduce pain, increase performance, prevent injury, accelerate circulation and tissue healing. In addition, it is aimed to return the musculoskeletal system, circulatory system or nervous system structures to their normal functions.

In Which Situations Is It Used ❔

* Mechanical problems that cause neck-back-low back pain
* Soft tissue traumas in the musculoskeletal system (tendinitis, bursitis, muscle strains)
* Sports injuries
* Posture disorders
* Foot deformities (hallux valgus, hammer toe, heel spur..)
* Joint sprains and strains
* Muscle weakness due to inactivity
* Muscle strength deficiencies seen in neurological diseases
* Trap neuropathies such as carpal tunnel syndrome
* Lymphedema

Taping therapy is not a stand-alone treatment option, but is a more effective treatment option if used with other physiotherapy methods.

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