What is insulin resistance? How should the diet be?

Glucose is the body’s primary fuel. Insulin is required for glucose to enter cells. pancreas is enough
inability to produce insulin or if they are not sensitive to incoming insulin (insulin resistance
insulin resistance occurs. When malnourished, the body tries to defend itself.
raises insulin levels. As blood glucose rises, insulin levels also increase.
However, after a point, the tissues are always hungry because the insulin receptors become desensitized and the person is constantly
It creates a desire to eat and eat sweets. cardiovascular diseases such as insulin resistance, heart attack,
metabolic diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, Kidney Diseases, Eye problems, Type 2 Diabetes
can cause many diseases.
That’s why taking precautions, changing the wrong lifestyle and diet can save you the most.
protects from disease.
Nutritional Recommendations for Insulin Resistance
✓ Individuals should be brought to their ideal weight.
✓ People should gain healthy eating habits and exercise regularly.
✓ Let’s take care to diversify the plates and have a balanced diet from all food groups at every meal.
Let’s take it as Especially by preparing plates with plenty of greens, together with the protein source.
let’s consume
✓ Simple carbohydrates with high glycemic index (rice, white bread, pasta, banana, fig,
complex carbohydrate sources (bulgur, whole wheat pasta, whole wheat) instead of grapes
bread, dried legumes and oatmeal) should be preferred.
✓ High fiber foods should be consumed. Take care not to exceed 2-3 servings in fruit consumption.
should be displayed.
✓ Packaged foods, sugary and carbonated drinks should be avoided.
✓ Saturated fatty acids should also be excluded from the diet, as they will increase inflammation. same
At the same time, milk and dairy products should be excluded from the diet. Because milk has a low glycemic index
However, it has insulin-increasing properties.
✓ As a cooking method, boiling, steaming, oven, which we call healthy cooking methods
and grill should be preferred. Frying and roasting should be avoided.
✓ Blood tests should be done regularly.

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