What is Injection Lipolysis?

lipolysis means the reduction and breakdown of fat cells. There are many tools and methods applied for this purpose. we are here injection lipolysis We will talk about mesotherapy. The product prepared for this purpose shrinks the adipose (fatty tissue) tissue by stimulating lipid catabolism (destruction) thanks to its three basic ingredients. Lipolysis mesotherapy is a method used where there is regional lubrication. Mesotherapy products containing special substances that will break down fat cells are applied by injecting into the adipose tissue. It can be applied to areas such as the belly, hips, inside of the legs, cellulite, arm, jowl. Injection areas are determined by first measuring and drawing the application area, so that an equal amount of product is applied to each point.

How is Injection Lipolysis Mesotherapy Applied?

Injection lipolysis After the skin is cleaned beforehand, the product is injected into the fat tissue with 13 mm special mesotherapy needles. Fat tissue injections are painless and comfortable. Depending on the patient’s condition, anesthetic cream can also be applied in hypersensitive patients. Generally, sessions are applied at intervals of 10-14 days. The number of sessions varies by region.

Usage Areas of Lipolysis

  • tickle melt

  • Belly, lower abdomen

  • Cellulite

  • Inner leg lubrication

  • Lubrication of the knee

  • Sagging lubrication on the arm

  • Excessively oily areas on the cheek

  • Breast area lubrication in men

Frequently Asked Questions About Lipolysis

What should be considered after injection lipolysis application?

  • One week after lipolysis, hot sauna should not be entered, heavy exercise should not be done.

  • It is important to drink plenty of water between lipolysis sessions. Since fat cells are broken down, plenty of water is needed to be removed from the body.

  • Attention should be paid to nutrition, lighter, low-fat foods should be preferred.

Is lipolysis permanent?

With lipolysis, fat cells are permanently reduced, even if weight is gained, they do not grow as much as before.

Who can not be applied lipolysis mesotherapy?

  • It is not applied to pregnant women, lactating women, cancer patients, and those who use blood thinners.

  • It is not meaningful to apply to obese people with a body mass index above 30. First of all, weight should be lost and then lipolysis should be applied to get rid of regional fat.

  • Lipolysis mesotherapy application is a suitable method for those who cannot get rid of fat in certain areas despite diet and sports, and those who want to slim down regionally despite being at an ideal weight.

Will there be sagging in that area after the fat is broken down after injection lipolysis?

No, because the products used for lipolysis contain fat-breaking substances as well as some skin-retaining, nourishing and firming ingredients. Lipolysis does not cause cracks or sagging on the skin.

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