What is individual therapy?


Most common therapy method. made with one person and therapyprocess alone psychotherapymethod type. individual therapyan expert therapistIt is a type of therapy in which the client’s feelings, beliefs and behaviors can be expressed in a reliable, confidential and respectful framework. individual therapy It is a process that is carried out one-on-one with the person only, and aims to strengthen the individual’s weaknesses against various difficulties in life. This method is mostly preferred in cases where individuals can reach the solution by utilizing their own individual dynamics.

individual therapy We can say that it is a journey that a person makes to his inner world. There are positive gains of the individual such as rediscovering and developing himself, gaining the ability to look at life and problems from a different perspective.

individual therapyDuring the process, the person develops the skills to better analyze and make sense of the situation he is in, to discover the reasons, and to look at the problem from different perspectives.

In individual therapyAs a few examples of the topics studied,

Anxiety (Anxiety) Disorders,

Panic attack,


Mood Disorders,


Self Confidence Problem,

Anger Control Problem,

Nutrition and Eating Disorder,

Somatic Symptom Disorders,

Sleep-Wake Disorders,

Difficulty Coping With Stress,

Life Problems,


Loss and Grief Process

Generalized Anxiety Disorder,

Specific Phobia,

With this method, you can overcome many ailments such as Social Phobia and regain your health.

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