What is hypospadias? Is surgery necessary?

It is defined among the people as “Congenital Circumcised”, “The Prophet is Circumcised” or “Half Circumcised”. This condition is a congenital defect of the urethra and penis. In these children, the urination tube in the penis is congenitally short and opens somewhere in the lower part of the penis.

What kind of disorders does it cause?
• The hole through which the child urinates is not at the tip of the penis.
• The foreskin is not fully developed.
• The appearance of the penis is not normal. In most, the penis is curved.
• In severe cases, the egg bag also develops poorly.
• There may be sexual development problems in those whose testicles are not in the sac with hypospadias.

What is the frequency?
It occurs in roughly one in every 300 boys.
Does the foreskin matter?
Children with hypospadias should never be circumcised before treatment. Because during the surgery, the foreskin is used as a patch to correct this disorder.

Is surgery necessary?

These children cannot urinate forward and straight while peeing standing up. Due to the curvature of the penis, it may have problems during sexual intercourse. Sperm may not flow where it should flow and the chance of fertility may decrease. In addition, the distorted image of the penis may cause psychosexual problems in the future for him and his partner.

Therefore, surgery should be performed in terms of normal urination, normal sex life, full fertility chances, self-confidence and a normal psychosexual life that a straight penis will create in the child.

What is the purpose of the surgery?
It is to normalize the future fertility and sexual life of the child by straightening the penis and expelling the urine and semen from the tip of the penis. In other words, it is to provide a normal penis and urethra appearance and function.

When should the surgery be done?
Surgery on the genitals before the age of 2, when sexuality begins to be learned, reduces the psychosexual problems that may occur in children’s future lives. Today, surgery is recommended around the age of 1 year. Thus, children recognize their genitals with their normal appearance.

What is the chance of success of the surgery?
When performed by an experienced specialist, the chance of recovery with a single operation is 90% in mild and moderate hypospadias, and around 70% in severe hypospadias. Session surgeries may be required in children with severe hypospadias.

Is the post-operative process difficult? How to Overcome
In the surgery, a special dressing is applied to the penis. A small plastic tube (catheter) is inserted into the newly constructed voiding tube. Children urinate through this catheter after surgery.

It can be discharged 3-4 hours after the operation, that is, on the same day. However, stool should not contaminate the dressing.
The mantle is opened and the probe is removed. After removing the dressing and the probe, a bath can be made. There is no need to remove the stitches as self-dissolving stitches are used.

In which cases should a doctor be consulted?

If there is excessive swelling, bruising or bleeding at the wound, if he is unable to urinate, if the dressing is opened, or if it is contaminated with feces, he should consult a doctor.

What are the early risks of surgery?

Although it is very rare, after surgery, as a result of damage to the vessels that provide blood supply and nerve impulses to the penis during the surgery.
In the early period, some serious problems, including penile gangrene, may develop due to partial or complete (blood supply) disorder in the penis.

What are the late risks of the surgery?

A few weeks after the surgery, narrowing of the newly formed urinary pipe, opening of the old urinary hole and urine coming from two separate holes during urination or opening of the newly formed urinary pipe can be seen.

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