What is heart-centered hypnotherapy?


Heart-centered hypnotherapy is a therapy method developed by Diane Zimberoff. It is the enriched version of classical hypnotherapy with many techniques. Its difference from classical hypnotherapy is that it uses the mind, emotions, body and energy work simultaneously in therapy. For this reason, it is different from classical suggestive hypnotherapy and is an experiential therapy method.

Hypnotherapy is a treatment method performed through hypnosis. It is the path to true healing. While hypnosis is done for the purpose of suggestion, hypnotherapy is done for the purpose of treatment. During the day, we sometimes experience a state of hypnosis without realizing it. An example is the moments when we are immersed in watching television and do not remember how the movie went. Hypnosis is a natural stage of the mind. We are in a trance state for most of our lives, and we do it automatically.

There may also be those who think of hypnotherapy as a state of sleep. But we cannot define hypnotherapy as a state of sleep. In fact, with the conscious hypnosis method, the person becomes fully conscious. In hypnotherapy, when the person’s attention is concentrated to the highest level, a trance state occurs and he becomes open to suggestions. Each person can be affected by hypnotherapy differently. At the lightest point of the hypnotic state, relaxation occurs in the person. He almost remembers what was said to him. Since the domain of hypnotherapy is the brain, its effect is permanent.

For example, words such as diet and diet for weight loss are not very pleasant for the subconscious mind. Because you have to give up the foods you enjoy eating. This is why most diets result in more weight gain. However, the reasons for uncontrolled eating are hidden in the subconscious. Basically, we have emotional and spiritual needs under careless eating. Negative emotions such as stress, tension, unhappiness, anxiety, guilt, and anger cause overeating. For this reason, we try to suppress negative emotions with food. With the hypnotherapy method, permanent and healthy weight loss is achieved by destroying the negative emotions in the subconscious. It has been determined by scientific research that hypnotherapy is the most reliable way to prevent problems from recurring.

From Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy;

in obesity

Healing chronic physical pain

In alcohol, cigarette and substance abuse

In migraine. in phobias (of planes, darkness, heights, etc.)

in tics

In post-traumatic stress disorder

speech disorder, stuttering

In eating disorders

In the lack of self-confidence

Overly excited about the social environment

Problems in relations with the opposite sex

It can be used in situations such as inability to control oneself.

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