Beauty is always an important value for all of us. An aesthetic image affects the mental state of the person, plays a positive role in his emotional relations with the opposite sex, and leads to a progress in his social status. In today’s dentistry, our patients apply not only for health and function as in the past, but also for meeting their aesthetic expectations.

Gum aesthetics is one of the most important factors affecting the smile and appearance of patients and creating the first positive impression in the person in front of us.

AMOUNT OF VISIBLE GINGUAL: Situations where the gingiva is visible more than 2 mm while smiling creates aesthetic problems. Ideally, it is normal to see 1-2 mm of gingiva, especially the excessive appearance of the gums of the front teeth in the upper jaw is called GUMMY SMILE. There are many reasons for gingival smile:

1- Overgrowth of the gingiva due to some drugs

2- Gingival diseases, poor oral hygiene, restoration edges positioned in the gingiva

3-Short upper lip.

4- Excessive bone growth on the outer surface of the upper jaw bone.

5- Some hereditary (hereditary) diseases.

6- Short tooth appearance due to abnormal wear (attrition) in the teeth is among the main reasons. .


Apical Slide Flap operations with or without gingivectomy, bone resection are the surgical techniques used for this purpose. With these techniques, excess gingival tissue is removed, the gingival contour of the anterior teeth is corrected, the asymmetry between the crown lengths is eliminated, the length of the anterior teeth is increased and the gingival symmetry is provided. The results are appreciated by the patients, the treatment procedures are painless. It is essential to obtain the informed consent of the patients before the treatment, to have realistic expectations, to explain that restorative procedures may be needed after the surgical procedures, and to obtain their written consent about the cost. In cases where ostectomy is performed, restorations are adhered after 8 months according to the new position of the gingiva and the new form of the tooth.

I wish you healthy days and beautiful smiles.

DENTIST EXPERT DR. GÜNGÖR KARAGÖZLÜ Gum Diseases and Surgery Specialist

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