What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine means looking at the patient holistically….To provide an approach not only by looking at the radiological and biochemical examinations we have, but also by evaluating the whole life of the patient….A good physician is also a good person and citizen of his patient, who comes to him with problems, from birth to traumas, nutrition. He has to know everything from his habits to the sports he does, from the illnesses of his parents to his own feelings and conditions…. This journey is the promise of the patient and the physician to set out together…. This holistic approach is actually medicine itself, and unfortunately we, the physicians, have to know the system. It causes problems due to our inability to take care of our patients adequately due to their problems…. From birth to death, human beings always focus on the future, always focus on the young… They have been united with our increasing population in the modern age. Our elderly population will increase in the next decade, and it will become more difficult to cope with chronic diseases.

functional medicine; Evaluating the health risks holistically together with the human’s internal and external balance (relationships with nature, toxic exposures, sources of stress), and as a result of the evaluation, planning and progress are made with the patient towards diseases, a healthier life and most importantly, to prevent the occurrence of diseases, that is, to protect them. is a dynamic area of ​​assessment and intervention. “Functional medicine is about maintaining and restoring health.” The function of the functional medicine approach does not begin with the diagnosis of a disease one day. It’s like agriculture. First, it examines and recognizes the “land” (human); then it corrects (cures) it together with its natural environment. In this way, while the “earth” (human) gets better, its diseases are also recovered as a by-product. Well; Instead of focusing on diseases, functional medicine tries to reveal health by restoring the balance of the body system.

In functional medicine; There is a completely individual, up-to-date and scientific approach that includes healthy nutrition, exercise, functional foods, herbal supplements, detoxification methods, stress management and sleep regulation. Functional medicine is based on seven principles in the patient approach. These:

Optimizing nutrition
Optimizing hormones,
Cooling inflammation, that is, inflammation,
improve digestion,
Increasing detoxification
Strengthening the metabolism
It is to calm the mind.

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