What is Food Intolerance?

Many foods that we eat thinking that they are healthy,

cannot be digested by As a result, many inconveniences and

You may have a weight problem. Food intolerance is personal and

everybody differs.

Food intolerance can be temporary or permanent.

Previously, the biggest problem with old-gen testing was temporarily

The intolerances that occurred were reflected in the test results. well

food or body temporarily in a few days

It could be seen in the test results in the foods to which it reacted.

The PinnerTest food intolerance test is the world’s newest and most advanced

distinguishes temporary permanent intolerance by using technologies

and it only reports to you your permanent intolerance.

What happens if some of the protein is not broken down by the amino acid?

The absence of various enzymes in our body, disorders in the intestinal flora or leaky gut

Syndrome, diseases such as malnutrition,

It prevents the breakdown to form amino acids and foods are not broken down into the blood.

they pass. The defense system treats them like a foreign substance.

and activates the defense system just as it attacks a bacterium or virus.

As a result of this attack, inflammation occurs in the body and side effects begin to appear. Rising

CRP values, especially fatigue, slowing of metabolism,

causes symptoms such as intestinal problems. The patient may unconsciously eat the same food regularly.

In case of consumption, many more chronic diseases will develop.

In summary, food intolerance (food intolerance) is the digestion of certain foods in a particular way.

denotes difficulty. Food Intolerance (food intolerance) temporary

or it may be permanent.

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