Our children need to share their feelings with us parents. However, today
conditions, parents from all socio-economic levels must have a
they are in a rush and effort. According to research, a mother’s one-to-one quality with her child
when he can spend 2 minutes in a day; The time a father spends with his child is only 50 times a day.
is limited to seconds. Unfortunately, when the situation is like this, children have an emotional state waiting to be fed.
hunger arises. Filial Therapy helps parents strengthen their relationship with their children through play.
It is an educational program that demonstrates Our children, who are our miracles sent to us by Allah, are angry,
being aggressive, introverted, insecure, stubborn….. to a large extent, our parenting
Our styles shape and lead.
Filial Therapy integrates play therapy and family therapy to solve family problems related to the child and
It is a psycho-educational approach that aims to strengthen the family relationship. The therapist gives parents their own
how to use child-centered play therapy skills in play interviews with their children
teaches how to apply. Since it aims to increase openness and trust in the parent-child relationship,
It is a therapy program that is both preventive and helps to solve the problem if there is a problem.
With Filial Therapy, parents, their children, I am here, I hear you, I understand your message.
they transmit.
Filial Therapy, part of Client-Centered Play therapy, theorized by Gary Landerth
By providing families and their children with the skills of ‘setting boundaries’, the child can also make choices and
whatever the outcome of this choice, it helps them gain the ability to take responsibility.
The first time we can keep our hidden assets within our own security circle.
years, we can protect it from all evil, but then ?! When he reaches high school age, in our eyes
when you don’t see it!? Can we be with you all the time? ‘Come and see’ by any of our children
Smell that powder, it’s so much fun.’ How many minutes does it take to encounter such an invitation and trial period? if
If we can teach our precious children to take responsibility with limits and choices, our child will
He can make the right choice with his control, even when we are not with him.
Main Problems on which Filial Play Therapy Method is Effective
Anxiety, depression, behavioral problems, single parenting, aggression, outbursts, nail biting,
encopresis (fecal incontinence), bedwetting (enuresis), sibling jealousy, adoption, trauma, relationship and
attachment problems, introversion, self-confidence problems, etc. Helps families with problems such as 40
Over years of research has shown that filial therapy is a short-term therapeutic approach.
It shows that it has a long-term effect on the child and family.
*The age of application is 2-12 years, but the range is more effective at 2-10.
Play Therapy is a therapy technique that lasts 45 minutes and is performed with a single child. Filial Therapy Technique, on the other hand,
It is a therapy technique that can be given to the parents of an average of 8-9 children in a session. Filial Therapy’s session
duration is 90 minutes. This therapy technique is one of those who cannot get one-on-one play therapy in America, that is, its economic level.
In the play therapy of the therapist, which was developed for the children of families with low
It is a method in which the techniques applied are partially taught to the parents. Once a week with parents

Meets under the leadership of the therapist. In filial therapy, parents with their children once a week for 30 minutes.
plays games in line with the therapist’s teachings, watching this video-recorded game clock.
evaluations are made. Parents correct their mistakes during this 10-week process, which is held once a week.
correct themselves, they develop themselves in the direction of effective communication with their children.
List of Necessary Toys in the Therapy Process
-doll family
-real baby bottle
-doctor’s bag, stethoscope, band-aid…
– two toy phones
-doll house
-toys, coins, credit cards (toys),
-plastic animals (cow, butterfly, bird, dog, cat, lamb..)
-plastic aggressive animals (shark, snake, lion, dinosaur-mouth must be open)
-Police vehicles, buses, ambulances, trucks, fire engines, airplanes, automobiles.
-kitchen crockery,
– toy cosmetics, hairpins, jewelry, etc.
-plastic fruit and vegetable,
-various puppets,
-toy soldiers
– mask
– plastic police handcuffs
– one play dough
-eight color crayons
– soft ball
– toy repair supplies
– a pistol that shoots darts can have several

-jump rope
-plastic blade
– blunt scissors
-puppet scene
-80*80cm size 30cm high sand-filled sandbox.
– child-sized table and two chairs
– shelves on which these toys can be stacked.
Note: In the room where the toys are located, the parent will play with their child for 30 minutes every week.
While the parent is playing with their child, the group should watch from another room at the same time. Camera and tv layout
should be installed.
Therapy can be started with the supply of materials and the arrangement of the therapy environment.

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